Friday, October 31, 2008

Learning to Sew

Remember that picture I posted of my new sewing machine? Well, thank you ALL for your suggestions, but I must admit, Erica's had the most appeal! So, on Wednesday I put the machine back in the box, loaded up the car, and headed north to the home of my new BFF ;) to learn how to sew!!!!

What a fun day!!! I am sure we overstayed our welcome-- we didn't leave till about 9:30pm, with an hour to drive to get home! -- but we all had a WONDERFUL time!!

Not only did Erica teach me a few basics of sewing and guide me through making a super cute twirly skirt, she also had a day full of fun and activities planned for the kids!

In addition to playing with her kids she had cute little mummy hotdogs, carrot sticks and hot turkey sandwiches with bones imprinted on the top for lunch. For an afternoon snack the kids got to make pretzels, marshmallow mummies and fun drinks (I can't remember the name) that weren't actually drinks and so when the kids tried to drink them, nothing came out of the straw! So fun!

After dinner they all got to participate in a science experiment using the sense of taste. What a great excuse for pulling out a big jar of Jelly Belly's!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the twirly skirt:

I picked out the fabric on the left last month, and choose plain old white for the trim, but when Erica showed me the cute fabric on the right that she had some leftovers of, and I asked Twinkle Toes which she liked, she of course choose the flower print. It actually turned out really cute!

So what do you think? My lines are all horribly crooked, and I have a renewed appreciation for the awesome deals I can find at Gymboree... But, I think it turned out cute, and it was lots of fun to make, even if it did take all day! Also, it is a little bit big on Twinkle Toes, but I think it will fit her perfectly next summer, it's too cold to wear it now anyway.

Thank you Erica!!!


  1. super cute!! my kids were soooooo bummed when they found out you guys were getting together!

  2. I made that very skirt and it turned out so cute. Good job!

  3. I wish someone would teach me to sew! My MIL just takes it out of my hands and does it herself, lol.
    You did a great job.

  4. Great job for your first one! Plus the recipient seems to love it, so that is half the battle!

    Good luck on your journey . . . I'm thinking about pulling out my sewing machine for some Christmas gifts . . . :)


  5. Oh, I just love it! Where do you get your fabric and do you have a pattern to share?! I am also just learning to sew and have very crooked lines. My first project was also a skirt. I figured I couldn't mess it up too bad. I actually just finished some pants for my son today, but they look more like parachute pants! :)

  6. Never mind on the pattern! I just saw the link where you posted it. I thought it was just a picture of the skirt at first! I can't wait to try one, too!

  7. You did a GREAT job!! And, a first-timer to boot!! :) AND, you did NOT over-stay your welcome. I fully expected you to be here all day!! See you tonight... with my latest sewing project... All Saints' Costumes! I made a valiant attempt at them anyway!

  8. nice skirt. I love it.

    My first sewing project was a bag. It is something I would be able to sew in a couple of hours now. I was in year eight when we sewed them. I think it took me half the year to finish it off and there wasn't a single seam that I didn't have to undo because it was so bad.

    I have made some great bathers for Amelia this week and a cute outfit for Brigette. They are both on my blog if you want to check them out.


  9. cute cute cute!!!

  10. LOVE IT!!! Makes me wish I had a sewing machine I could understand how to thread, a friend to teach me, and lots of extra time.

  11. I laughed at your new BFF! hee hee. Regina who? (jk gene bean.) I'm sure Regina thought that was funny as well. :)

    Super cute skirt. And Erica, if you're reading, pretty house!

  12. You did a super job on that twirly skirt!!!! I love the bright red color, so Christmassy!!

    Very cute, I'm so impressed.

    Fun halloween stuff too, I don't get that drink thing, what was it?

  13. It's beautiful! You are blessed to have a friend to help you do that! I always learn better when someone "shows" me what to do :)

  14. That is waaaay cute!!! I just made Sissy a dress and like you found a new appreciation for clothes!


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