Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's raining, It's pouring...

It's been raining like crazy this week, so today, hubby started storing away our (uncovered) porch furniture for the winter. sniff... sniff...

It always makes me sad when the time comes to take down our porch swing each year. We all just love sitting out there to read books and just visit. I guess the good thing is, pretty soon there will be a nice cozy fire to sit by instead.

Well, I am glad that we took advantage of our porch as much as we could this past month! In fact, here are a few pictures from this past week of us just swingin'!

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

"Momma! I am the oldest girl, just like you were!!!"

Looks like we are starting to outgrow the swing!! It is FULL!
We can still ALL fit (the kiddos just pile on top of hubby and I)... although I wonder if those chains will be able to take it for much longer! :)

(Oh! and in case you are wondering... Snuggles was laughing like crazy in that bottom picture. He *loves* his older brothers so much!)


  1. You have such a beautiful family! I'm kind of wishing for cool weather here. We still have the AC running. :(

  2. You should go into photography, you take great pictures. It DOES help to have beautiful children though too.

    I love all the pictures!
    I'm not ready to put our patio furniture away, or cut our dead flowers yet, I'll wait a couple more weeks, will that delay winter any? :)

    It's raining here today too.
    It's pro-life Sunday and we have our Prolife Kids Club bake sale after the Masses today!

    Have a great day Jessica!

  3. Goodness, they are all just sooooo adorable! I love porch swings too, they are so much fun.
    Can't wait to see the pictures from today too!

  4. They are super cute kids and they've grown a lot over the last year! I would love a swing. I have dreams of one in my backyard like Great Grandma used to have in Sacramento.

  5. When I look at your pretty girls I always wonder where did those blue eyes come from? Grandpa? or Grandma?

    Same as Jamie...lots of rain.

    We did enjoy a very involved in the pro-life movement speaker today at Mass.

    Go pro-life!

  6. Man, your kids are cute. Do I post that every time? Well, it's still true. Their little eyes stand out so much. It must be impossible to be cross with them sometimes! Glad to see that you guys are enjoying the outdoors. Have a great week!

  7. Jamie ~ Before I was a mother, I always thought it would be fun to be a photographer. I have always loved taking pictures... Now if I could just figure out how to use the settings on my camera!

  8. Meg ~ I remember her swing too... What great memories!

  9. Christine ~ We are asked that all the time! I thought for sure our children would have brown eyes, since hubby's are brown, and mine are green, but 4 of 5 got the blue! They come from BOTH of their Irish Grandfathers, my dad and hubby's dad both have blue eyes!

  10. We're supposed to put up our furniture in the winter?!!

    Beautiful children! I feel like I'm always writing that, too. I can't help it.

  11. You look sooooo gorgeous in that picture =]
    I'm sooooo excited! (about you know what haha :P)
    Love youu!
    Cute posts!


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