Friday, October 10, 2008


My *FAVORITE* children's clothing store is Gymboree. I just *LOVE* their clothing. Not only is it *SUPER CUTE,* it *LASTS* forever!! (Which is a huge benefit in a big family!) Plus, often times, the new lines coordinate extremely well with past lines, making it so fun and easy to coordinate my girls. Which I have so much fun doing... :) And they have the cutest dresses with all the matching accessories--which is great since my girls pretty much only wear dresses, or skirts (no jeans)...

Also, Gymboree has the *BEST* sales. Their regular prices are *WAY* out of my budget, but often times I can find darling outfits on the clearance racks at amazing prices. That said, I have $100 worth of Gymbucks burning a hole in my, ummm, purse, just waiting to be spent... I have till the 16th... Basically it equates to 50% off any purchase up to $100.00. I also have a gift certificate for another $25.00 which means, I can buy $100.00 worth of clothing and only pay $25.00! Wahoo!

I just can't decide what to get... My boys could really use some jeans... But I just love the dresses! I'm leaning towards this one and this one with these super cute tights, since it will go so well with her winter jacket. But I also really like this dress and this coat, and the Christmas Lines are darling (especially these boots) -- but not on sale, so it would use up the Gymbucks *WAY* too fast...

Decisions... Decisions...


  1. LOL! I'm on my way out right now with my Gymbucks and my 20% off coupon. Too funny. Christmas shopping starts tonight.

  2. i agree, their clothing LASTS!

  3. I NEED...ummm...(would like) to make a run to Gymboree too!!! I just KNOW...ummm...(think I could find), SOMETHING that I HAVE to have.) Punky does need, (REALLY she does) some winter boots.

  4. There is this absolutely adorable black knit dress there, with cables going up the front, which I would LOVE to get {M}! On the website they show it with plaid tights and a white turtleneck... so if you don't need those gymbucks, just let me know, lol!!

  5. Amy ~ Um... Yep! I saw it!! In fact, it is one of the ones I decided on, even though it wasn't on sale. With my coupon and gymbucks is wasn't bad. I also got the Scottie Dog tights (I wasn't crazy about the plaid) and a cable ivory sweater/turtleneck to go with it :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I could spend a million dollars in that store EVERY WEEK! I also love that, instead of the iron-on plastic type pictures, they have embroidered their clothing with things. Where do you get Gymboree bucks from?

  7. Aubrey ~ Gymbucks are a coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase (after other discounts are applied). They are earned on every $50 purchase made through a certain 'Earning' period. Then you can redeem them during 'Redemption' time.

  8. Hi Jessica, Gymboree is also my favorite place for children's clothes. I was just saying to my husband last night that I am going to be so sad when my girls can't fit in Gymboree any more. My oldest daughter is in their size 12 already :0(
    Their clothes dress little girls like little girls and not like little women.
    God Bless

  9. Kirsten ~ I *SO* dread that day. I still have awhile, since my oldest daughter is wearing size 5 or 6, but it seems like just yesterday that she was born, so I'm sure it is going to be here in no time!


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