Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day 2008

What a fun, busy, day we had... Here are a few highlights from some of the things we did today in honor of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America!

Painting "New World" Maps:

Snack time Sailboats:

The boys made a compass... and it really worked! 

Stargazing with our Spanish Cocoa:

The Sky Is Full of Stars
I loved how in almost every picture I took while outside, 
Twinkle Toes had her fingers in her whip cream, at least before it had melted! :)

The children also enjoyed listening to our books about Christopher Columbus, as well as an Audio CD about his voyage, while they painted. They also loved their new Draw Right Now book! I wish I would have taken a picture of one of Rascals drawings today... These books are amazing!

Dinner was yummy, though not quite as planned. I ended up not making a trip to the grocery store (I have really been avoiding grocery shopping lately, for some reason?) so I made a Lentil and Rice Pilaf instead of the Stew. It was a hit as usual, and still combined a lot of the ingredients I was trying to use: Lentils, Rice, Corn, Onion, Tomato (sauce), etc. I just wasn't able to bake potatoes... Oh well. There is always next year!

Anyway, I don't know about you, but I am exhausted! I haven't been feeling my best lately, so if you could offer a prayer or two for me I would really appreciate it. I will do the same for all of you. Right now I am off to bed!

Good night, God bless!

Update: Here are the links to our Christopher Columbus plans along with our recipes for Edible Indian Corn and Chocolate Caliente on Columbus Day. You can also find our New World Explorers Unit Study and Lap Book in the archives for Columbus Day.

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Christopher Columbus


  1. Sounds like it was fun. We didn't have school yesterday although I wanted to read the D'Aulaire books and make the maps. We were too busy with other errands, though. :(

    I hope you feel better soon. We all just got over our change of season colds. We were very lethargic, too.

  2. Jessica, Just wanted to let you know that our ships/victory vessels for Columbus Day were great! The kids had a great time making their 1st lapbooks. I'd love to share a pic - not sure how? In the evening they entertained us with a short play. It was hilarious! How blessed we are to share these times with our children! Praying for you :) Lori

  3. We took pictures of the beautiful moon last night too!! My son was at Cub Scouts and us girls took a walk, and it was dark when we got back, so I ran and got the camera, pretty cool, you were doing the same with the same moon, across the country though!! (and probably 2 hours later, huh?)

    Love your Columbus day doings. Those maps look great!

  4. and why exactly are you tired and feeling ill?

  5. Soo many great ideas in that mind of yours....
    We had a very SIMILAR day, how odd....

  6. Lori ~ I would *LOVE* to see your Victory Vessels!! If you'd like, you could email me a picture :) I was very disappointed that I didn't get to them... Thank you for your continued prayers!

  7. Jamie ~ I loved your Columbus Day activities too! As well as all the awesome fall crafts you've been sharing!! Good job!

  8. Marci ~ You are right...We are often thinking along the same lines... I just wish I was as creative as you are with coming up with crafts on my own! :)

  9. Sara ~ I am glad you are all feeling better! Colds are no fun!

  10. Would you be willing to show a little bit how you did the maps - love them!

  11. Celeste ~ I linked to the craft in my post a couple days ago with crafts for Columbus day. I will add the link to this post as well, so it is easy to find. In the meantime, here it is:

    It was very easy, and very fun!!!

  12. I can't believe I missed this post! I have to reiterate again and again, that I want you to homeschool me. You have room for us all, right?

  13. Lentils in the crockpot is the best! It sounds a lot like what you make. But, I chop my potatoes up really small and put them in there. That way they are all done at the same time. The lentils go in first with spice mix...mmm...I love fall!


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