Friday, October 10, 2008

Catching Up...

As I mentioned in my Daybook on Monday, one of my goals for this week was to "Catch Up" on a ton little bit of school work.  We have been so busy the past few weeks that my boys fell a bit behind in some of their workbooks.

Well, by Wednesday we just weren't making very much progress.  So, I decided to bribe them.  (Aren't I awful!) Yesterday morning, I told the boys that if they caught up *by tonight* they would earn a surprize.  (I let them see the surprise.)  By dinner time, I told them that they could continue working through the weekend, and I would still let them earn their prize... But they didn't want to stop.  They (or rather we) stuck with it all day, and late last night, at 9:45, they had earned their reward!


Combined I think they completed over 50 pages of school work!  It's amazing what a little bit of motivation can accomplish! 

Now, if we could just stay caught up! ;)


  1. Maybe I need to try that...bribing my children with a field trip did not work. I saw the Roman figures at Target the other day and thought that they would be great gifts.

  2. I'd love to see/hear more about how you use the binders for your boys. It looks interesting with the pocket dividers.

  3. Hi Jessica. I'd also like to see more of your binder work. God Bless

  4. I will try and post a bit more about our binders soon! :)


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