Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue Knights vs. Little Flowers

Last night, as I was preparing the craft for tonights Little Flowers meeting, Rascal walked in and started looking at what I was doing, and asking questions. He then went on to say:

Rascal: Mom, I think Blue Knights is SO MUCH more fun than the girl's Little Flowers.

Me: Why do you say that?

Rascal: Well, because in Blue Knights we get to make really cool things like helmets, shields, and swords, and the girls only get to make a paper.

Right then Twinkle Toes walked into the room and looked at what I was working on and said, "Oooohhh!! Mom!! Can I make one of those, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!"

At least she liked it! :-)


  1. Cute! I am amazed at how much coloring your boys do do. My son used to love to color's rare. He does love to draw birds and animals though.

    Have fun at Little Flowers!

  2. See! I don't care what anyone says... boy and girls ARE different!


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