Monday, October 27, 2008

Any Guesses...

... on who's who in this picture?

In fact, how about a bag of M&M's for the first person
with the most correct answers! :o)

**I am working on the From Thy Bounty Fair, but it will probably be late tonight before I have it posted. Sorry for the delay! Two of my children are still sick this morning (the last two I hope--we need to be all better by Wednesday!)... Any last minute submissions would be much appreciated!!!!


  1. From left to right: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Patrick, St. Clare, St. John the Baptist, St. George, Pope John Paul II, St. Therese as a child and St. Anthony of Padua.

  2. L-R starting in back
    you as st. helen
    jen as the flying nun
    sean as an LC missionary
    jamie as st clare
    paul as pinnochio
    brian would have to be next though it doesnt look like him as st patrick
    scott as st francis
    julie as st nicholas??


  3. oh whoopsie i meant to say cecilia for jamie, not clare

  4. You are so funny! I am really laughing at "the flying nun, LC missionary, and pinnochio."

    Overall pretty good guesses! I'm impressed, Regina, that you remember all my siblings names, considering you haven't met them all!

    Anyone else???

  5. l's guesses are (and i havent told her any answers)
    st elizabeth
    st catherine drexel
    st matthew
    st agnes
    no clue (paul)
    st patrick
    st francis
    st nicholas

    r's guesses:
    Mary Queen of all Saints
    St Catherine Drexel
    St Sebastian
    St Lucy
    no clue (paul)
    St Patrick
    st anthony
    st nicholas

  6. Ok, from left to right:
    Back: Saint Elizabeth of Hungry, Saint Catherine Laboure, Saint Michael, Saint Cecilia, Ummm... that one is hard... Saint Anthony
    Front: Saint Patrick, Saint Francis, and Saint Nicholas.

  7. I'm too late for this, but here goes!

    St Elizabeth
    Top row:
    St Catherine
    St George
    St Cecilia
    Peter Pan?

    Bottom row:
    St Patrick
    My first thought was St John the Baptist, but he might be St Anthony, maybe mom didn't want him to trip on a long dress?
    St Nicholas

  8. Well -- though Regina named all of us correctly... Yes! That is me with my siblings (the last 4 were not yet born!), no one has yet named the 8 saints (yes they are all saints) correctly.

    You all are ranging from 3-6 correct answers of the 8. And no -- Paul was not dressed as Pinocchio. :o)

  9. Jamie ~ So -- which one is your actual guess: St. John the Baptist, or St. Anthony??

  10. I can do the siblings...but I am not as skilled as the others with the saints.

  11. Here's a guess from an "outsider" who greatly admires your family, Jessica, and loves reading your blog!

    I don't know who's who, but I have a guess as to the saints!

    St. Elizabeth of Hungry (is that YOU?)
    St. Patrick
    St. Catherine Laboure
    St. Francis of Assisi (with a bottle?) :)
    St. Martin of Tours
    St. Nicholas
    St. Agnes
    Is he St. Giles?

    How'd I do? :)
    Miss Mary

  12. Good guesses everyone! I just posted the answers! :)

  13. Sorry, I didn't come back yesterday, my actual guess would be umm...St Anthony! haha!

    It's the short gown that threw me, thinking as a mom, shorter for St Anthony! If it was close, give my m&m's to the next person! :) (since I did put 2 guesses!)

    St Lucy..didn't think of that one, since my 2 girls are St Cecilia and St Rose wearing those flower crowns!!


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