Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Answers

Sara had the most correct answers! Five out of ten is pretty good I say! Nobody was able to guess numbers 2 and 5. I was pretty sure no one would know number five (though I highly recommend the movie!), but number 2?? I thought for sure someone would get it, though a couple of you were right in that it is from a Jane Austen movie.

Anyway, here are the answers:

1. The first quote was a Meg Ryan movie: Did you know there are 452 official kinds of cheese in this country, isn't that amazing? To find 452 ways to classify what is essentially a bacterial process? Don't you think that's amazing?

I use to *LOVE* this movie when I was younger, but I tried watching it last year with my hubby and we shut it off... It has a *LOT* of junk in it. Although, it does have some pretty hilarious lines, which I use to quote all the time. In fact, the first thing that came to mind when I found out that I was severely intolerant to dairy was a scene from this movie when Kate (Meg Ryan) screams "Lactose IN-TOL-ER-ANT!!!" After eating way too much cheese. I can relate! :)

2. The second quote: "I must throw a party for her. Otherwise everyone will feel at once how much I dislike her." was said by Emma Woodhouse in the movie Emma. Emma cracks me up! We are a little too much alike...

Regina was right. Although I didn't choose FIVE quotes from Pride and Prejudice, I did list three. I couldn't help it. I seriously could have listed TEN... I love that movie! So, #3 "I am most seriously displeased." was said by Lady Catherine. #6: The more I see of the world, the less inclined I am to think well of it. was said by Elizabeth Bennett. And #7: In vain have I struggled, it will not do. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. was said by Mr. Darcy.

4. It was hard to choose one from Sound of Music, but the Baroness always makes me laugh when she says, "Darling, haven't you ever heard of a delightful little thing called boarding school?"

5. "He gave me a wasps nest as a present once." Now this one was totally random, but I just love the mini-series Wives and Daughters. It was really good. This quote was said by Molly Gibson in reference to a gift she had once been given by Roger.

Skipping 6 and 7 since I mentioned them above with number 3...

8. Yes, this one was from Cheaper by the Dozen, the 1950 version. Being the oldest of 12 myself, I can relate... And I can TOTALLY picture my dad answering this same way to the question: "All those kids yours mister, or is this a picnic?" Reply: "They're all mine and believe me, it's no picnic!"

9. This one was from a cute movie we recently watched again: Kate and Leopold. (Another Meg Ryan movie.) Leopold is from the past, and comments: What has happened to the world? You have every convenience and comfort, yet no time for integrity. Isn't that the truth!

10. The last is from Ever After. The mean old Baroness always seems to be mad, and I just think it is so funny when she yells: Go... Catch a chicken. I would never yell like that! ;)

That was fun! Thanks for tagging me Shelly!


  1. OH! I knew it was Sound of Music! I could hear her accent and everything, I just could not for the life of me put the face to it! LOL
    And I LOVE Ever After, I can't believe I missed that one!

  2. looks like someone was born in the wrong century!

  3. Regina ~ Here is another quote from Wives and Daughters:

    I can't help but think it was such a pity I was born when I was. I should like to belong to this generation.


  4. Ohhh I was thinking Emma. I should have said it.

    Fun tag.

  5. Alas, I only knew the one from Ever After, which is a favorite of mine. Fun!

  6. Hi Jessica. I wanted to play but had to take my oldest to art class yesterday:) I knew #2,3,7. One of our favorite movie lines,"What a superbly featured room and what excellent boiled potaotes."

  7. ooops the last post was from me:)
    God Bless, Lori

  8. Lori ~ That was said by Mr. Collins... wasn't it?


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