Monday, October 20, 2008

America Decides: Culture of Life or Culture of Death?

A friend of mine just completed this awesome 4-minute You Tube video, and launched a new website: America's Choice Now.

We have a moment in time here that we may look back on for the rest of our lives — a moment to make a difference in our nation's direction on the issue of abortion. Barack Obama represents the Culture of Death, but his moderate sounding rhetoric covers his genuine views. This video gives people better access to the truth.


  1. That's excellent! It combines so many of the videos I have been posting. If you've visted my blog lately I can't stop putting up posts like these, dozens of them. The main stream media is ignoring these issues and the information must get out there to those being decieved!

    Thank you Jessica and thank your friend!

  2. i'm trying to post from YouTube, but for some reason it wont let me.

    I saw it on R's first, and i loved loved loved it! I love Jesus at the end. it's quite a statement w/Him added [since it's Caviezel doesn't hurt either ;) ]

  3. +JMJ+ ~ Doesn't it though?!?! Feel free to pass this one along too, if you'd like! :)

    Shelly ~ I *LOVED* the ending too!! Isn't it perfect! You tube was doing maintenance when I was over there just a bit ago, try again in a little bit, and it will probably work! Thanks!!

  4. Jesus at the end gave me goosebumps. That is what it is all about.

    Great video!!!

  5. Yes, the Jesus goosebumps! Because we know what he stands for at "the end"....our judgement!

    We will be held accountable for how we vote and God said choose life.

    Anyone read about the Bishop reminding us of our vote and Judgement day? He is a brave adn true shepherd!

  6. Jessica,
    I posted this today---along with a thank you to you. :) Just tho't you should know. It puts it all together, doesn't it?

  7. Wow...I'm absolutely speechless...

    Continue to pray, friends, for every voter who is contemplating this "choice" between life and death, blessing and curse. Never have we had such a stark contrast between candidates!

    If only the world could see past the economy and realize the poverty of soul that exists in "the one" who would build his entire political platform upon the mutilated bodies of the unborn...

  8. Thank you!! for sharing. I'm sending that to everyone I know!!

  9. "Punished with a baby"????

    Oh my goodness, how sad this is...

    Thank you for sharing; I'm forwarding this on!

  10. I have tried to add you tube videos to my blog but somehow come up illiterate each time. Glad you can show this video on yours. I am sickened at the thought that anyone would vote for a person that views a baby as punishment or who would leave a baby to die in soiled lined because of a failed abortion attempt. Great video~
    Kuddos to MS!!!


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