Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WoW ~ Starting Over!

**This is probably a really boring post for most all of you... But, I am putting it up anyway, since WOW was really helping me lose weight and eat well earlier this year.  Thanks Regina for getting it going once again! I need it!  

It has been quite some time since I have posted for WoW (Weight on Wednesday).  I did not do very well over the summer.  I started gaining while on our road trip (it was SO hard to eat well) and continued with way too many cakes all summer!!  It didn't help that Regina took a break from WoW and I wasn't having to report my gains until the last few weeks.... and I conveniently ignored posting here as well! ;)

Well it is time for me to shape up..  literally!!! hee..hee..  I am going to start eating better and exercising.  Not only do I need to lose the weight from the summer (approx 7 pounds as of last Wednesday), I would like to lose another 10+ on top of that, which should be achievable... (unless God has other plans and I find out I am pregnant before that happens--which is usually the case!   I am not, as of Monday, though a number of people asked me if I was this past week--and honestly, I was wondering myself!) ... In fact, another friend asked me last night at Bunco... My summer weight gain must be really noticeable! ;)

Even though I would like to lose weight, what I really need to focus on is increasing my energy and getting more rest.  I have been SO tired, but at the same time, I can't sleep.  I think I have gotten maybe 15 hours of sleep in the last 3 nights.  Since I haven't been sleeping, I have been drinking lots of coffee, which is probably what is keeping me awake at night!

Ok, so here are my goals for this week
  • Exercise for 10 minutes before bed each night. (My chiropractor seems to think this will help me sleep better.)
  • Do some sort of exercise program/video 2 times.  (3 would be better, but I want to try and start slow and realistically)  
  • Eat some protein with breakfast.  Preferably a protein shake (as long as it is dairy, sugar, banana, and blueberry free).
  • Cut out coffee.  Is it possible?  I had a cup of green tea this morning.
Weight Gain/Loss since last Wednesday:
  • -2 pounds Wahoo! Only 5 more to go to be my pre-summer weight!  

To join in, or see everyone else's results, click here.


  1. ive heard not to exercise right before bed cuz it revs you up somehow--it is supposed to give you more energy. stretching might be ok but i dont think actual exercise

  2. Yes... I meant more along the lines of ten minutes of stretching, and crunches... no cardio.

  3. Update: We just went to the track and did 6 laps. It's a start!

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  5. I'm shy about posting about my weight issues on my blog. Good luck with your weight loss. I hate being asked if I'm pregnant!


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