Friday, September 19, 2008

A (way too short) Visit

My hubby spent his 8 hours off the clock today driving home for a short visit. It was so nice to see him. Just look at the smile on our happy baby's face! The morning went by too quickly, and hubby had to get back. It looks like we should be able to meet him for Mass again on Sunday morning. He looked exhausted, so please say an extra prayer for him tonight if you can. At least he has been able to take a couple naps each night...

You know, I really need to be careful what I blog about!!! Remember my Stressed Out Momma's Daybook from Monday? Remember the graphic at the top, showing the leaky washing machine??

Weeelllll, hubby hoped to get a little laundry done before he had to head back, so I started the laundry and as we were sitting in kitchen visiting I asked Rascal to take something to the laundry room... He came back and said he couldn't since the floor was covered in water. I ran to check and sure enough the whole room was flooded. This picture doesn't do it justice and I was in too much of a hurry to mop it up to get a better one. It took all the clean towels in the house! :S

On the bright side my floor is now *really* clean, and my hubby wants to move forward remodeling this room -- one of the two rooms we have left to do, the other being our kitchen -- with the OT from this fire assignment. We already had prior water damage to the floor that has needed to be dealt with for awhile...

I am having a hard time figuring out how to change the layout, since I would love to be able to add a much needed extra fridge/freezer, as well as some cabinets. Hummm.... Any suggestions?


  1. Just a few more days and he will be home! And soon you will have a fabulous laundry room/pantry thing going on.
    I am so sorry about the washing machine too! I know it stinks!

  2. Well... He just called, and it sounds like they may give him an extension, which means that he will be gone a couple more weeks.

    The fire has been growing, and they are saying that it may take the fall rains to put it out..

    I guess we will see!

  3. those pix w/dad and snuggles are priceless, Jessica!

    it's funny - we had a tornado here oh, i'd say May/June and we live in a new construction neighborhood. well, a tree destoryed part of a neighbors home. took out like 7 rooms i think. so fastforward to a month ago and she [lady of the house] said with all the hassle and all, [cause of course they couldn't live there... they rented a home in a nearby subdivision - so, hassle indeed!] anyway, she said with all the hassle - some how it was so worth it: they got so many new things! it's built better and they redid some things. Still funny - it was only 1yr old!

    so that's another positive out of destruction of property ;)

  4. why remodel, arent you moving to WA soon?

  5. Those pictures are SO cute!! (not the washing room floor one)

    Can you put the fridge/freezer in your garage? Or basement? Ours is in our garage, which is nice, we use it for extra milk, pop, juice, eggs, yogurt and anything that won't fit in the regular fridge.

  6. Thanks Jamie!

    We actually don't have a basement or an attached garage. We sort of have a detached garage used for yard tools, camping gear and Christmas boxes, but that is it, and it isn't insulated so it would cost a fortune to run outside in the summertime, plus it wouldn't be that close and convenient. Really the only place it could go (if we can fit it) is in the laundry room.

  7. Bless you and your hubby - I've been thinking of you this week as my husband has been working overtime as well. Not fighting fires (is that what he does?) and not getting overtime pay, but working long hours in front of the computer. Having this coincide with the start of our new school year has been a little grueling so I feel your pain!

    Looks like Little Flowers went over well! Yeah! I'll have to glean some ideas from you, although we are on Wreath II, having completed I and III.

  8. What beautiful pictures! He remains in our prayers, dear Jessica.


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