Monday, September 15, 2008

The Stressed Out Momma's Daybook ~ September 15th


Outside my Window... there is lots of smoke. A constant reminder that hubby won't be home for awhile.

I am thinking... that we will postpone beginning the Alphabet Path till next week.

From the learning room... just the basics. That's it.

I am thankful... for the kind emails and prayers from you all; the much needed overtime that my hubby is receiving; that my 8 fingers are only sprained and not broken; for a chiropractor who was able to squeeze me in and realign my "very out of joint" jaw (to quote my doctor); for drive thru restaurants; for ice (my chiropractor teasingly suggested an ice bath!); that Snuggles goose egg has reduced in size and the bruise isn't that bad; and for the fact that my 8 year old son knows how to wash dishes.

From the kitchen... taco bell wrappers from lunch, and no plans for dinner. I sure wish the pizza man would deliver up here...

I am creating... lower expectations for myself... At least for this week, and maybe next.

I am going... crazy.

I am wearing... an ice pack.

I am reading... nothing at the moment, but I am really looking forward to reading all the links shared in the From Thy Bounty Fair on the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross! I really need to read something uplifting and positive!

I am hoping... that my car battery is not dead again the next time I try and start it... (OH! That reminds me... I am also thankful for spare car keys, that the tutor was still here when I tried starting my van this morning, and that I had a set of jumper cables available!)

I am hearing... lots of static on my phone line... The repair man will be back out again tomorrow morning.

Around the house... I really don't want to think about it.

One of my favorite things... SLEEP!!!!!!!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
  • Tutor will be coming Mon, Tue & Wed Mornings
  • Dentist appointments for our 3 oldest on Thursday. (rescheduled from last week)
  • My very first Little Flowers meeting on Thursday, which reminds me, I still need to plan the craft, and confirm a babysitter.
  • Try and make a trip back up to the Fire Camp to visit hubby and bring him a home-cooked meal.
  • Try and clean the corroded things on the vans battery with the stuff the auto parts guy sold me.
  • SURVIVE the week!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

Bring on the chocolate!

Seriously though, I am really okay and just keepin-it-real...
Thank you for letting me vent! :o)


  1. Oh sweetie!!!
    You have confirmed your babysitter. She will be there and stressed she will happily do it! She loves your kids!
    Hey, it looks like we aren't doing school this week, so if you need a break you give me a call, ok?? Well, if your phone works... you could always email me too!!

  2. This was an awesome post -- and I hope that last line was serious, or I'd be really worried about you!! :)

    Thanks for being such an inspiration, even when you're stressed out. You have no idea. I've repeated to myself your line, "I love this! I love this!" all day today, and honestly, I think it kept me sane!!! (And I've got nothin' on you right now, believe me!)

    God bless you, Jessica. This time must be so difficult, yet you are handling it with grace and good humor. You're going to make it through this with flying colors, I just know it! (And rest assured, you're in my prayers!)


  3. LOVE the picture thought!!
    buck up baby, it ain't that bad!! you had hours to spend on the phone today ;)

  4. When it rains, it pours! Just hang in there with your sprained fingers. ;-)

  5. Thinking of you. Hope you get back on your toes and (fingers) soon!

    Love the desserts/stressed picture.

  6. you can always count on compassion from regina! ;)

    i can't believe your fingers are still hurting! that must have been a bad one.

    love the daybook entries.

  7. glad to see all your appreciation for your massage therapist!


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