Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playing with Little People

I was quite surprised last night when Twinkle Toes called me into the nursery to see the "Little People go to Mass!" I guess she decided they had done enough farming lately and that it was high time to convert the barns into a church, choir loft and all! She also pointed out that it was a "Latin Mass since the altar is on the back wall and there is a communion rail." I asked her who was saying Mass and she replied that one of the priests is her Uncle (__), that her other two uncles are the Deacon and Subeacon, and the other little person on the altar is the altar boy. I love how she used the "Three Wise Men" for her uncles, and the "Prince" for the altar boy.

She even found an "organ!" (Although I am not sure what the organist is doing with a cell phone during Mass???)

It reminded me of the Church the boys built out of Lincoln logs. Anyway, isn't it cute?!?


  1. I will have to show this to my kids...precious!

  2. It's adorable, and shows that she knows well what's important! :)

    When I used to teach inner-city preschoolers, it was not unusual for one of the kids to dump a toy basket, stand on a block and be the preacher, while several others would gather behind him or her for the choir. (This was in the inner city.) The heartfelt sermon would invariably be about the importance of digging deep for the donation --hence the basket. And we'd be treated to some classic spirituals from the choir! :)

    Me? My brothers and sisters got a lot of mileage out of white necco wafers. (I hope no one is scandalized -- we were very sincere!) :)

  3. It has to be hard to decide which of those uncles gets to be the celebrant and who is Deacon and Subdeacon. I know it would be hard for our family to choose they are all very special priest! And I know they would be proud of her knowing so much about the mass!!

  4. This is so precious! I'm so impressed with what TT made and the focus that went into it. She's really paying attention! What a girl!

    I read Eileen's comment; we used to pretend with Necco wafers, too! We also used to tear apart pieces of bread and squish them flat. I still remember my first holy communion 22 years ago!

    What a neat post!

  5. oh, and my bro and sis and I would play "church" when my parents would go... probably partyin'... anyway, we'd smash bread and use the cap off the coke 2liter bottle [aka 'POP' in Ohio] - rmbr how the caps used to be metal, aluminum? - well, we'd use that to cut the bread out in little circles. Then for 'wine' we'd use probably coke or "Tab" [yuck!] but one time i distincly rmbr using wine! Being the oldest has it's perks - cause guess who the oldest gets to be? Right, you got it. the priest [yes, a female priest - get over it!]
    Then we'd draw the drapes and light whatever candles were around and all we did the whole time was 'communion'!! LOL

    I'd die if my kids did all that! You touch my wine- YOU DIE!
    You touch a match- WE ALL DIE!

    Fun times...

  6. How Wonderful this is priceless


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