Sunday, September 14, 2008


For some reason, I keep hurting myself today!!

This morning, as we were headed out the driveway for Mass followed by a picnic lunch with hubby, I realized that I forgot the cookies on the coffee table. I turned the car around and ran back into the house knocking my shin on the corner of the table. When I got back into the car Captain asked what was wrong.

I replied: I hurt my leg on the coffee table.

Captain asked: Which leg? Your right or your left?

I replied: It was my left leg.

Captain said: Oh, that's good. At least you can still drive!

Yep... I could still drive. My leg wouldn't stop us from making it to Mass and to see their daddy. (Glad to know he knows his left and right so well, and which foot is used to drive!)

Oh, and that wasn't my only bruise of the day. Just after we got home, I was trying to dump the old water out of our kiddie pool so I could refill it, and somehow bruised (I think?) 8 of my fingers. They are so sore...

At least I can still use my thumbs type! ;)

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