Monday, September 8, 2008

The Nativity of Mary

Today was the feast of the Nativity of Mary, and what a beautiful day it was!

While the boys were finishing up their school work this afternoon, the girls colored a picture of Mary from Fenestrae Fidei. I wasn't planning on taking any pictures, but I was amazed at how well they colored today -- ALL BY THEMSELVES!! I am sure our Blessed Mother is pleased with their loving efforts.

During dinner each night, my hubby reads from Saints for Young People for Every Day of the Year, and I thought I would take a second to share today's excerpt on the Nativity of Mary:
We do not usually celebrate the birthdays of the saints. Instead we celebrate the day they died because that is the day they are born into the joys of Heaven.

But the birthday of Mary, our Blessed Mother, is an exception. We do celebrate her birthday because she came into this world full of grace, and because she was to be the Mother of Jesus.

When Mary was born, legions of angels hastened from Heaven to surround her little crib and exclaim over her beauty and holiness. The birth of Our Lady was like the dawn. When the sky starts to turn a rosy pink early in the morning, we know the sun will soon come up. In the same way, when Mary was born, she brought great happiness to the world, for it meant that soon Jesus, the Sun of justice, would appear. Mary was the wonderful creature whose privilege it was to bring the Lord Jesus to all mankind.

Even today, if we have Mary, we have Jesus. Whoever is very devoted to her is very close to the Heart of Jesus.

Do we want to offer a gift to Mary on her birthday? What pleases her the most is that we avoid sin, every kind of sin, because sin offends her Son Jesus.

After dinner, it was time for cake! I had the made a recipe for a delicious Blueberry Cheesecake found in Ann Ball's book Catholic Traditions In The Home And Classroom. The all white cheesecake symbolizes Mary's purity, and the blueberry topping is symbolic of her blue mantle.

We topped the cake with a small statue of Mary and surrounded it with a circle of 10 candles, representing one decade of the rosary. We let the children take turns lighting the candles as we prayed a "Hail Mary" for each candle.

We then sang Happy Birthday and let the children blow out the candles!!!

My children LOVE this tradition. It was so much fun!

And the Cheesecake was pretty good too!

Mary, purest flower of earth,
Mary, gate of heaven,
Mary, who to nature's dearth
Mercy's fount hast given;
Mary, Queen of virtues rarest,
Mary, house with treasures stored,
Lead me to my King adored.

(Traditional Prayer found in Maiden & Mother)

Happy Birthday Dear Blessed Mother!


  1. Oh, I just love candle ceremonies like this one!! I guess with everyone sick at my house it wouldn't have been advisable to have them blowing all over the cake, anyway (ew!)

    Your cheesecake looks delicious. And the children look downright angelic! :)

  2. That was beautiful! You really impress me all the time. We did have a cake with blue sprinkles, but that's it.

  3. I love that photo of your son's eyes praying upward toward heaven! (at least that's what it looks like!)

    Your cake looks beautiful and I like your tradition. Maybe someday when I'm thin, I will make this recipe!! :) I like the idea of the 10 candles and praying the decade while lighting them, beautiful, just beautiful!

    We watched the video "the Rosary for Children" and prayed along. I always play that one on her birthday, but as the kids are getting older, they are liking it less. :)

  4. I just love coming to your blog because I want to move in with you! You are the coolest mom. What a wonderful family. Great way to celebrate!

    Beautiful pics!

  5. Your kids are just gorgeous... I can never get over it!
    It looks like so much fun! I was bummed because we are having to move our celebration of Mary's birthday due to my being sick and Hubby had to start school again last night.
    It looks like the kids really enjoyed everything. And I agree the picture with him looking up and your girl (LOL I can't remember their nickanames!!) looking down... just beautiful.

  6. I want that cheesecake! Must make that cheesecake! Gotta eat that cheesecake! :)

    Love the pictures!

  7. What beautiful traditions you have with your children! You are so creative!

  8. Jamie & Amy ~ I loved that picture too. It reminded me of the time, late late late at night, when he was barely 2 years old... The boys were in bed and we thought we heard talking. We peeked into his room to see him kneeling on the side of his bed talking to the crucifix above. He held up his two tiny fingers and told Jesus, "I'm two!" It was so precious. Hubby and I let out giggle and he scurried back into his bed. He is really such a sweet boy, even if he is a "Rascal" at times.

    Aubrey ~ I am really not that creative... Most everything that I do with my children I have seen done, or read about. I just really love weaving all these things into our own lives, and my children love it!

    Sara ~ There is nothing wrong with a cake with blue sprinkles! Beautiful!

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!

  9. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mary's birthday!

  10. What a WONDERFUL celebration. Your family is simply Angelical~ Happy Birthday Dear Mother Mary!!!

  11. Awesome! Praise God for His work in you all!!! And thank you - your family's witness lifts my heart. Happy sigh!!!
    Morning Star (in honor of her!)

  12. Awesome! I praise God for His work in you all!!! And thank you - your family's witness lifts my heart. Happy sigh!!!
    Morning Star (in honor of her!)


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