Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music Preferences

Me: "I think I am going to turn on some music while you boys color."

Rascal: "Yay!!"

I then pushed the power button on our stereo and immediately the country music station came on... (I had been listening to it yesterday as I was straightening up the school room.)

Rascal: "Aaahhhh MOM! Can you please turn on some decent music???"

Alrighty then... Classical Music it is. (Like I was really planning on letting them listen to Country Music!) I'm sure Laura would be proud!

Speaking of music, don't miss the beautiful Chant Cake posted by Anne (our newest contributor) over at Catholic Cuisine! It is AMAZING!!!


  1. Are you trying to imply that country music is bad? Uh oh! ;)

  2. Some how my son has come to that conclusion... and it wasn't from my influence! :)

  3. At least he didn't want you to put on the rock station!!


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