Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning about the Five Senses

Last weeks Little Saints Preschool Theme was "My Five Senses."

We never are able to get to everything that is suggested in the teachers manual (although I do try!), and sometimes (if I am feeling ambitious!) I substitute or add additional projects, books, games and poems of our own that work along with the theme.

One of the variations we did this week was add a fun introduction to the five senses called "Popping Popcorn."

I had the children feel and look at the the unpopped kernels. We then read a poem The Popcorn Song by Nancy Byrd Turner (Found on page 45 of Favorite Poems Old and New) and sang the popcorn song as we popped the popcorn.
The Popcorn Song

Pop-pop-pop, said the popcorn in the pan,
Pop-pop-pop, you can catch me if you can.
Pop-pop-pop, said the kernel white and yellow.
Pop-pop-pop, I’m a happy, dancing fellow.
Pop-pop-pop, I can dance and skip and hop.
The children got to see, smell and hear it as it popped.

After it was done popping, they each got a bucket of warm popcorn to touch and taste.

We talked about what the popcorn looked like(blossoms on trees, etc...). Captain even found the "Easter Bunny!" (what do you think? It is pictured to the right)

It was lots of fun and my children were begging to "do it again," even before they had finished eating their popcorn!

Here are a few of the other things we did this past week:


We did a few other fun things as well. My children love this program.

The girls pretty much have the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song down, and I wanted to video them again, but hubby has the camera now. (Unfortunately I still have the memory card... oops!)

I also had hoped to make a Five Senses Lapbook with the girls, but I was lazy was not that ambitious had too many other things going on desperately needed to scale back and give myself a break last week, since I am (and will be) on my own for awhile...


  1. As you know, we too are using "Little Saints." It is fun to see what your kids do~ same or different~ with the same curriculum. Many of those books look soooo familiar. I will try and post our School Week Wrap Up soon so you can see how we learned about the FIVE SENSES.

    Are you needing a dinner and laundry date yet?? I would be happy to do a few loads for you...or have you bought a new washing machine???

  2. You of course did a great job!! We didn't do the popcorn thing, we did taste and smell tests! There were a lot of things for this unit. Come to think of it, there are a lot of things in every unit!! We've slowed down and are only on the Farm Animals week, and taking it slow, just a couple things a day!

    Another way I've scaled down is to not post about it!! haha!

  3. Yes, there IS a LOT of things in each unit, but actually the popcorn thing isn't... we added that. You are ahead of us Jamie, but then we didn't start in August either like the program suggests. I am wondering how long my posting will hold out LOL... I tend to be on the computer quite a bit more when hubby is gone. I am sure that once he is back home I will be scaling back! :)

  4. Thanks Marci! I ended up having a repair man out today and HE FIXED MY WASHING MACHINE!!!! YEAH!!!! Now I can spend the next few days catching up.... Joy! ;) I am actually really relieved that we didn't have to purchase a new one! :)


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