Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A is for Art

"A is for Art --
Mona Lisa, Michelangelo,
and a cow in a cave
from very long ago."

For Art this year we are using the great book M is for Masterpiece as a spine, with Serendipity's A is for Art lesson plans.

Here are a few pictures of *some* of the fun things we did for week one, "A is for Art!"
Books to read (or skim through) on the Mona Lisa, Leonardo and Michelangelo...

Painting Mona Lisa

(Coloring --or painting in our case-- page found here.)

Painting Frescoes

Fire on the Mountain
by Captain
The Birth of Christ
by Rascal

Coloring Michelangelo

(Coloring Page found here.)

This was all so much fun, and a great addition to our school week! We are all looking forward to the next unit study: B is for Brushes.

And I think we might just watch The Agony and the Ecstasy tonight!


  1. I've got the agony and ecstasy on my netflix list. michelangelo is one we're studying this term. we got a michelangelo art kit at www.doverpublications.com - do you shop through them? I love it! Anyway, great post. You always amaze me what you do with your kids ;)

  2. No, I have never shopped there, but I do order lots of dover items from Amazon or our local book store. That kit looks great!

    We are watching the movie and are currently taking a break (IE: the kids are all putting their pj's on) for the "intermission." It's a great movie. I just love Charlton Heston.

  3. You're amazing...where did you get the coloring pages??

  4. Aw! Thank you Missy! There is plenty I *don't* do, and today that would be the cooking, we had Top Ramen for dinner :) (One of the very few benefits of my hubby being gone is I don't stress out too much over making real meals... )

    I found the coloring page through a link on the Serendipity site to Enchanted Learning. I will add it to the post above, but here it is as well: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/artists/michelangelo/coloring/delphes.shtml

    Thanks for commenting! God Bless!

  5. Fire on the Mountain - wonder where he got that idea?

    Beautiful frescoes they made.

  6. LOL! I know!!

    Hubby drove home again today for a couple hours to do some laundry (now that our machine is fixed!) and the kids (especially Captain) all cried when he had to leave to go back. It has been hard on them. I tried to distract them by letting them paint... I told Captain he could paint a picture for his daddy, and that is what he painted! :)

  7. Wow Jessica!!! I am soooo impressed and more importantly inspired.

  8. That looks like fun. I think we'll have to do Art and Music weekly for the rest of the school year!

  9. That is so awesome Jess! You are doing so good!

  10. Thank you everyone!

    I am so thankful for Elizabeth, and all the women over at Serendipity for providing the excellent recourses and lessons plans!! I could have never done this without their inspiration! It has been such a great addition to our school week!

  11. Jessica,

    Thanks for the link to the Mona Lisa coloring sheets, and ideas for a great Art Project. I am an art docent in my daughter's 2nd grade class; so I am going to use this idea when we study DaVinci.

    God Bless!

  12. Wow! Kids just love to paint and color, don't they? You have some budding artists in the house!


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