Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Good Day

It's amazing how much more school work we can get done when I set up a table away from the computer on the front porch!

Even Snuggles had a blast crawling around on the deck...


  1. looks like fun! my, what a goose egg considering it has been a few days!

  2. Snuggles is so cute! The little bruise on the forehead made me smile; it's so characteristic of kids his age. Seems like my boys had little bruises on some spot on their forehead from the time they began crawling until...well...now.

  3. I know! He fell on Thursday, so that picture was taken 4 days later. I think it would have been a much worse bruise, but arnica works AMAZINGLY!

    He isn't walking, but he sure loves to climb!

  4. Looks so much more fun than what we did yesterday!! We were "spring cleaning." I wish we were doing school, I think the kids even agree!

    And Snuggles is adorable, tough little guy! I love that smile!

  5. What a great idea!

    I have made WAY more than 14 comments...I wonder why I am not on your Top Commenter list?

  6. I finally found out how the top commenter thing works. It only takes the last 500 comments, filters out my own, and then ranks the remaining comments. I wish it did more of an overall, but for some reason I can't find a widgit to do that. :-)

    I just changed it to list the top 12 and it got you back on the list! ;)

  7. Wow, those fire pictures are amazing!

    Your porch idea is great! Only my Babycakes would be running all over the place and we (I) would not get anything done!!

  8. He got it good on his forehead!

    Your porch work makes ME want to do some work.

  9. I wonder how long I could keep them focused on the deck? Hey...who am I kidding...it's ME that would get distracted?

    "Oh look, there's a bird!" "A squirrel is coming towards us." "That's a nice breeze." "Want to move down and lay on the hammock together?"

    Despite it all, I am taking a Shower of Roses challenge and pledging to school outside one day!

  10. Ah! I am sure that if we had a hammock, that it would indeed be a distraction! How nice!!

    We were only slightly distracted by the breeze and animals/birds, but those are good distractions, and perfect learning opportunities!

  11. We tried just being outside the other day and it was hot and BUGGY. I am sqweamish about bugs, and they seem to be invading our property. I think I might have to think about a sunporch schoolroom. The brightness of the outside porch looks so inviting and productive.



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