Thursday, September 18, 2008


As I mentioned before, I am working on starting a local Little Flowers Girls Club. Our 1st meeting is tonight, and I am frustrated!

I had a difficult time finding out exactly how many girls we would be having this year, and our local bookstore (which is allowing us to use their meeting room) didn't want to place more than one order for books, so I am short materials for tonight.

Thankfully I do have about half of member's guides, the leaders guide, craft companion, etc which I had ordered last year, in addition to the supplies for the craft I planned for tonight, but what I don't have is a Member's Guide for each girl with the coloring page for tonight, as well as the list of assignments for the coming month. We will be ordering a book for each of the girls, so I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal to copy the assignment/coloring page this one time. I assumed wrong.

I called the company just to make sure and she said no. They don't allow ANY exceptions. Even if you have already purchased a book for each girl, you still can't copy out of it. (We will be making notebooks this year, and I hoped to add the saint coloring pages. If we want to do this we will need to take apart the books, or trace the pictures.)

I understand the need to protect copyrights, and sell the books, but I also think that if each child has or will have their own purchased copy, that this should have been okay, and that you should be able to use the images for crafts etc. Oh well... On to plan B.

Well, I had better go, I now have to spend the afternoon typing or writing out the assignments for the month and coming up with a coloring page for St. Catherine of Siena, so half of the girls (who are mostly too young to trace themselves) will have something to do.

Things like this make me REALLY appreciate the publishers of coloring books like Fenestrae Fidei, who allow the original purchaser to make copies for family and classroom use, and talented women like Charlotte, who share their talents with all of us. I believe that God will reward them greatly for their generosity! I am just bummed that neither of them have an image of St. Catherine of Siena!! ;-)

I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow morning, and I promise I will be more positive then! :-)

Update: Thanks to a very sweet friend, the girls have a beautiful page to color tonight! (As well as a couple additional options that were just emailed from another friend.) You all are truly amazing! THANK YOU!!!!!! ♥


  1. It was a little harsh since you are buying all the books. Sometimes copyright laws can be so confusing and it makes it so easy to make mistakes.
    And thank you to Charlotte for the pictures! All the girls loved them!


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