Saturday, September 20, 2008

For my Boys

My boys asked me to grab my camera and take a picture to share with you all... This is one of the reasons why I am not able to grow anything outside!

Photo taken from my bedroom door.
At least it wasn't this guy!


  1. What an adorable face! We have deer and oh yes, turkeys too in our yard. we have the same gaggle of 15 or so who roam around. one morning my 12yo dd was going out onto the front porch to fill the cat's bowls - opened the door, then slowly started backing back into the house and quietly shut the door. She said, "um, mommy, come look at this!" sure enough the gaggle was right there in our front yard and probably startled/surprised her. funny!

  2. How cool! We saw so many on the way to church, Hubby got distracted and I thought we wouldn't even make it to mass!

  3. That is so funny Shelly!

    Amy ~ I am SO glad we got to see you at Mass! I know it's a drive, but so worth it!!!


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