Friday, August 1, 2008

St. Ignatius of Loyola

On to happier things (at least here on my blog)...

Yesterday the children woke up and were so excited that it was *Thursday* once again. Meaning, that it was time for:

Summer with the Saints

Captain was especially excited since it was also the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, as well as his baptismal anniversary!

When we arrived, we headed around to Marci's backyard. Just like each of the prior weeks, Marci had a number of tables set up with different activities for the children.

She must be spending so much time and effort putting this on for all of us! Everything is always so fun and well thought out. It has been such a wonderful blessing for my family!

Today's theme was (quite appropriately)
St. Ignatius of Loyola

The children began the morning coloring pictures of St. Ignatius, while Marci read them a short story about his life.

Next they moved on to another table to make holy cards to add to their growing collection.

Then it was snack time. Marci made Ignacio, a cake for St. Ignatius Day found in Cooking with the Saints, as well as a few miniature "gluten and dairy free" cakes for a few of us unlucky ones. Isn't she so thoughtful!!??!!

I did cheat on my diet and tasted this delicious cake despite the gluten, dairy, sugar, almonds and everything else I am not "suppose" to have... (I have been cheating quite often lately... It's awful!)

For the craft project today, the children made little miniature pictures of churches, to represent the "Order of the Jesuits," since St. Ignatius founded this order.

Marci came up with these all on her own too! Didn't they turn out cute?
This week, it ended up just being Marci's family and us. Which was just as nice as a large group! My children had a wonderful time.

Once again we are all counting down the days till next Thursday!!

I wonder which Saint is up next... Any guesses??


  1. I really wish we could have been there! She does an amazing job!!

  2. how awesome! it looks like marci is doing a great job and that you are all having a wonderful time. i am jealous!

  3. How lovely! I must begin incorporating an event like this into our summers...we have so many homeschooling friends, what a blessing for the children!


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