Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Very First Swimming Lesson

Snuggles had his very first swimming lesson on Monday. He LOVED it!

First he got use to being in the water...

Then he said hello to his big brothers.

He had a blast splashing.

It was so cute! He usually HATES being in water.

He worked on using his arms.

And then he learned about floating on his back.

He did great...

...and was just as snuggly as ever!


  1. How precious! He looks like he is having so much fun. I love the look on his face while he is gazing back at his teacher, so cute.

  2. Great photos! Snuggles looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his first lesson.

  3. I'm commenting again so I can beat Meg as top commenter!

  4. You crack me up, Amy!!! Thanks for all the comments! :o)

    And thanks Christine! He was enjoying himself. Today, not so much!

  5. First time swimming lessons are always so special. I remember all of my kids first time with Myrna, something to always treasure~

  6. oh, Jessica, great post - great pix! I *LOVE* the last one and the one with his arm blocking the sunlight :o) I made me smile!

  7. Well, I'd like to post again anyway [after reading Amy's comments [heehee], so while I'm here...I actually meant "*IT* made me smile".

    again, love the post.

  8. Ok, first of all, I USED to be the Top commentor, so sorry I am not anymore....I try, summer came though and well...I slacked!

    I love those great pictures you got, how precious!!! You captured perfectly, I just want to snuggle with him and give him a big kiss!! He's just so cute!! Glad he liked the water! It must be nice and warm! Sorry mom has to be in for so long though, that is hard, especially at this time of the month.

  9. You guys are all too funny! I love all your comments.

    So, the deal with the "top commenter" widgit, is that it takes the last 500 comments, subtracts my own, and then ranks them. So, the top commenter's rotate quite frequently. The last time I had it in the side bar Jamie had 60+ and outnumbered everyone else by quite a lot!! :)

    The water IS warm, Jamie!! Very warm!! There was a 12 year old girl that helped me out today, and my aunt did yesterday. I just had to sit on the side of the pool and lift the babies in and out. It was nice. I should be able to be back in the water tomorrow. ;)

  10. Oh, gosh, that's kind of embarrassing....had to comment to say that, really, I'm not trying to up anyone...I guess I don't need to!

    Have a great day Jessica!

  11. Looks like he was a much happier camper on Mon than tues!!! A.B.

  12. Wow! He's doing great.

    Have you got Breaking Dawn yet?!

  13. What adorable pics of swimming babies and Auntie M!


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