Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day ~ Aug 6th

Remember this picture?

Well, she is back...

It looks like my Auntie B anonymous commenter was right!

**I have been trying to get a picture for weeks, and today was the first day I was able to get close enough without them running away!!!


  1. Bambi!!! How precious! That is the kind of pet I would like to have... one that comes just for a visit to the backyard every once in awhile but tends to stay away, lol.

  2. Your pictures on your blog are great. You must have a good camera....and a good photographer!

    Your kids must love swimming! We have 10,000 lakes here in Minnesota. Always somewhere to swim.

  3. The deer are nice, other than the fact that they eat EVERYTHING!!

    I do love my camera Christine. It is a Canon Rebel. It does help though, when the deer let me walk up close to them without running away for once! And yes, my children do love to swim!

    Thanks Shelly! :)


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