Sunday, August 3, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day ~ Aug 3rd

Fresh from the garden of a sweet old man from church...

He even said he will help me start a garden next year!!! I have never grown anything, but I am looking forward to trying...


  1. Lovve all the pictures! Camping in the backyard is always fun.

  2. Lowe=Love...I'm tired today. It must be all that reading.☺

  3. Niether have I! I will be looking forward to your posts next year as a tutorial. ;)

  4. Gardens are wonderful! Especially tomatoes fresh! Oh goodness, we had our first little cherry one and it was given to me. I almost died right on the spot! So yummy!

  5. I have to add, Anne just walked in after I hit post and gave me another one... Oh baby! Woo hoo! The only good thing about summer is the garden. :)


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