Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day ~ Aug 14th

Today was the last day of this current two week session of swimming lessons, also known as GRADUATION DAY!!! My children were all very excited!

I have been so amazed at the progress my girls have made these past two weeks. Just last week they were both still in a mommy-baby class and this week they are swimming better than just as well as the "big girls."

I noticed that most of my swimming pictures have been of the boys, so here are a few from today of the girls....

I'll start with Twinkle Toes:



"Remember, BIG arms!"

Chiquita is so fun to watch! She is quite fearless when it comes to swimming...

After practicing jumping from the wall, the girls all headed to the diving board:

When the class was over, the girls received their STARS!!

The boys were very excited to earn their second star of the year!

Snuggles did not graduate. He spent the afternoon sleeping, and missed his class. I probably should have woken him up, but I decided not to...

Would you have??? He has been extra cranky the last couple days. A friend of mine was able to calm him down and he looked so peaceful sleeping. Instead, we picked up lunch, visited our Lord at the Adoration Chapel and then headed to this weeks Summer with the Saints.

Anyways, call me crazy, but I signed all five of my children for one more session of lessons starting this coming Monday! I think the next two weeks will be much easier though, since the lessons are all back to back in the afternoon. Yeah!!! We will only be at the pool from 3:00-4:30... Not bad at all... We will have our mornings and (more importantly) nap time at home. I think momma Snuggles will be much happier!


  1. Are you sure you're raising little girls? They look like little fish to me! How cute!

  2. Sigh, they are all just so adorable! And they should all be very proud! I think you are also brave for signing up for another week!! You must be exhausted! But it will feel good during these nasty hot days!
    It looks like so much fun and they are obviously learning so much, she must be a fabulous teacher.

  3. Your kids are just the cutest kids in the world!!!

    Love the swim lessons, you are really blessed with that teacher, wow!! I'm glad next week will be easier!

  4. I have loved these swimming pictures.

    Pretty soon we'll be at the shore and I will "do right" by Renee and post Scenes from A SUmmer's Day often! :)

  5. Aww! Thank you everyone! I was hoping that you weren't getting sick of all these swimming pictures... Sorry for posting so many!

  6. Great job girls!

    You are brave...all those swim lessons.

    Good job momma!

  7. I agree with letting him sleep! He did look so peaceful in that picture. Who wants to deal with a fussy baby in the water?

    What an awesome place to take swimming lessons! Cute.


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