Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Plan: Math

Well, I have finally settled on a math program for this coming year. After a lot of research and discussion with my hubby, I decided to switch to RightStart Mathematics.

It was so hard deciding to switch from Saxon. For one, I HAVE all the supplies I would have needed for this year, and two, I have been using it for a few years, and actually went through it myself when I was home-schooled, so I am pretty comfortable with it. However, I think that it is time to move on. It just isn't working for my children. And honestly, the thought of having 3 children using levels K, 1 and 2, this coming year is TOTALLY overwhelming. This past year I could easily spend 2+ hours on Math with just my oldest son, and he started hating math. I think the concept based approach that Right Start uses will be much more appealing to him, than the repetition based approach of Saxon.

I am planning on teaching my two boys together using Level B, and starting my girls out with Level A, various math games, and supplementing with some living math books.

I can't wait for my order to arrive! We'll see how it goes!


  1. I can't wait to hear how it goes! I might switch the boy over to that next year.

  2. You are amazing. How do you teach with smaller children? Do you teach while Snuggles is sleeping or does he stay busy/content? Just curious.

  3. Aubrey~ It is definitely a challenge, and I am sure that it is only possible by the grace of God!

    As far as Snuggles, this past year I would pretty much just hold him, or have him in his swing while I was working with the boys. He was a pretty content baby as long as he was being held. Very Snugly... ;)

    As for the girls, this year I will have them doing Pre-K and K work, but last year I would let them watch Signing Time Videos, or play with our "school time" toys. (Right now I have a link to those in the right sidebar, if your curious.)

    Anyhow... Say a prayer for me! It is going to be a challenging year, but thankfully, I will have Captains tutor coming 3 mornings a week, so that should keep me on task. We'll see!

  4. That is amazing; I tried to picture myself homeschooling and all I can come up with is a very clingy one-year-old in my lap crying and grabbing things while I'm trying to teach. (He's colicky, too.) Best of luck to you!

  5. You will love RightStart math - and the kids will too. Good plan to put them together!


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