Friday, August 29, 2008

In Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Well, summer is drawing to a close, and yesterday was our last:

Summer with the Saints

The month of August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and so was this week's Summer with the Saints.

"Since the 16th century Catholic piety has assigned entire months to special devotions. The month of August is traditionally dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The physical heart of Mary is venerated (and not adored as the Sacred Heart of Jesus is) because it is united to her person: and as the seat of her love (especially for her divine Son), virtue, and inner life. Such devotion is an incentive to a similar love and virtue." 
(Catholic Culture)

Here is an overview of our afternoon:

The Children started with some beautiful coloring pages of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

I must say that Marci is a very creative and resourceful craft planner. For this week she came up with a way for the children to make the Immaculate Heart of Mary using only a piece of red construction paper, scissors, glue and some crepe streamers in pink, red and orange.

Didn't they turn out great?!? To make them, all you have to do is fold your paper in half to cut out a heart. Spread glue over the heart. Tear some orange strips of crepe paper for the flames and add to the top middle of the heart. Make little balls out of the red crepe paper and cover the heart. Make little balls out of the pink paper to add around the middle for the ring of flowers.

As they were making them, Rascal said, "This is the easiest craft ever! It is so much fun!" Need I say more . . .

Next my boys (Rascal decided not to be left out this week) got busy creating there Summer with the Saints Sidewalk Art based on the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Left picture by Captain; Right picture by Rascal

Then it was playtime for the children while the snacks were prepared.

I just love how you can so clearly see the difference between boys and girls in this last picture! My daughter is peacefully jumping next to a three boy pileup! :)

For today's snack, the kids enjoyed the cutest little ice cream sandwiches shaped like hearts.

Before we left, we got another group photo. It was a small group once again this week. But oh so much fun, just the same. 

OH! I almost forgot. . . We didn't have time to stay and make Holy Cards this week, since we had to get to the children's last swimming lesson of the week, aka Graduation Day. Nevertheless, we brought home the printed images so we could make them later.

We are most definitely going to miss the weekly Summer with the Saints.
It was so much fun!

Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation!


  1. Such a wonderful summer program. I love the crafts this week (and I love the sidewalk art too!)

  2. This is such a great idea! I would love to start a similar program in our area, or through our parish :-)

  3. Gotta love that Marci! She sounds like a great hostess--what fun!

    My favorite pic was the three boy pile up. You're so right about that.

  4. Jessica, You do the greatest things with your children. I have gotten some wonderful ideas from your blog. Now only if I can remember them for next year!! You are very inspiring and I love reading your blog!

  5. Hi. Where can I get those coloring pages of the virgin Mary for my own kids?

    1. I wasn't the one that provided the coloring pages for the children, so I am not sure where they are from. Sorry I can't provide a link for you.


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