Friday, August 29, 2008

Graduation Day

Yesterday was Graduation Day once again for Myrna's "Swimming Stars." My boys were so excited to earn their 3rd Star of the Year. . . They completed six WEEKS of lessons, and went from barely swimming to diving to the bottom of the deep end and dreaming of the Olympics. The girls are also doing great too, and earned their 2nd Star of the Year for completing four weeks of lessons. Even Snuggles received a Star. It is so cute seeing him sit on the side of the pool and hold his breath, jump in, and roll over onto his back when I give him the cue, " Ready... Go!!!"

Myrna did decide to add one last session to the end of this summer, starting next Tuesday, and she said she could fit us in if I was interested. . . I just don't know if I could do another two weeks, especially with school starting. She told me to think of it as therapy. . . which is very true. . . since swimming does wonders for children with Auditory Processing Challenges. But still, I am not sure. . .

Anyhow, here are a couple pictures from our last day.

Oh, and even though Rascal may not be the fastest swimmer in the group. He definitely wins the prize for the best dives!

(This one was the best, but unfortunately I pushed the record button a second too late, and was wrestling with a squirmy baby! :S)

"Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!"


  1. BE SURE TO LET HIM KNOW THEY HAVE DIVING IN THE OLYMPICS TOO!!! A.B. [tough decissions at such a young age]

  2. another session would allow you to tie with me, having gone 8 months. of course if you want sanity then dont do it. plus it would delay your start of school, no?

  3. 8 months or 8 weeks Regina? ;)

    I always said that was crazy, and here I am considering it??

    I have Mrs. K coming mornings for the next few weeks, so we can't delay the start of school... Swimming would be in the afternoon after school... I don't know what to do!!!

  4. Just be careful and don't overdo it. You don't want to burn out when school hasn't even started yet!

  5. You are so very fortunate to have such a swimming teacher there! I don't know of a program like that here but I'm going to try to find out. I think that most of our available lessons are at the public pools which leaves me unmotivated to try to haul 4 kids there for lessons when they'd all be in different groups. You mentioned Auditory Processing Challenges. Is this Captain and is that why you mention a tutor for him? Just curious. Great entry! God bless!

  6. Yes, we are fortunate! I am trying to convince Myrna to put out some DVD's teaching parents how to teach their children to swim using her methods. There are very few like her in the USA.

    And yes, Captain does have an Auditory Processing Challenge. I had him tested last year, and that was when we found out. He works with a tutor 3 days a week, and is make great progress. It looks like it should be corrected, and he will be done with therapy by the end of this coming school year. When we get through this, you'll never know he ever had this challenge!

    His tutor is WONDERFUL!

  7. Please ask Myrna if she would consider moving to Albuquerque. ;)

  8. Cute pictures. If your kids already "graduated", then perhaps you don't need this free swimming assessment I helped develop - but if you do, or have friends that could benefit, please partake


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