Monday, July 14, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ July 14


Outside my Window... the deer are lying on the grass underneath the kids playset trying to stay cool.

I am thinking... about how much I am going to miss my hubby! He just left this morning for a wildfire assignment. Could you all please say a prayer for his safety?

I am thankful for... my children's swimming teacher. I spoke with her this weekend about putting Snuggles in classes this summer to help with his development. It always amazes me that she is able to teach infants life saving techniques. I told her yesterday, after Mass, that she really should consider putting out a book or DVD for parents who do not have good classes available in their area. People travel from all over to enroll their children in her classes. We truly are blessed to have her so close!

From the kitchen... Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (Thank you Amy!) with no cheese on my side and Spinach Salad. For dessert we will be having some non-dairy, sugar free Coffee Ice Cream that I made last night with my awesome ice cream maker, some coconut milk, agave and instant coffee crystals. It turned out SO good!

I am creating... an Amazon Store.

I am going... to join Renee and post Scenes from a Summer's day. As you know, I never can turn down an excuse a challenge to post a few pictures! :)

I am wearing... a green knee length skirt, with cargo pockets, that I found on clearance at Eddie Bauer a couple weeks ago with a white tee, and brown flip flops.

I am reading... The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook and The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook. They were both just recommended to me by Sandra, a new friend that I met in Nebraska. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes... Thank you Sandra!

I am hoping... that I will be able to pull off Captain's "Military" themed birthday party this coming Sunday without my hubby's help... We invited 20 boys, and I think most of them are coming! I guess I will have to be "An Army of One" unless I can convince my auntie or sisters to come and help out!

I am hearing... The Silver Chair.

Around the house... I would like to continue my "It's all too much" purge so my hubby can come back to a more organized home.

One of my favorite things... is getting together with friends and family.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
  • Captain's Auditory Processing classes Mon, Tue and Thurs
  • Drop off a few boxes at St. Vincent's
  • Drop off Boxes and Cans to Recycle
  • Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Try to post a couple recipes to Catholic Cuisine
  • Take the kids to a Summer with the Saints party on Thursday and make Scapulars
  • Plan a menu and grocery shop for Captain's birthday party (with 5 children in tow).
  • Figure out how to make a tank cake... Oh, I wish I had Matilda's skills!
  • Celebrate Captain's birthday on Sunday.
to name a few.... It's going to be a BUSY week!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

Apparently, she is all ready for her brother's birthday party!

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I hope you all have a simply wonderful week!


  1. Jessica, I'm so pleased to have you along on our summer photo challenge fun. It's always a pleasure to see photos of your beautiful family. Snap away and I'll be sending folks along to see your summer photos. :-) Blessings.

  2. You might like this cake idea from Aussieannie last year for OLMC.
    I remember having 'army' birthday parties for Josiah - but now he's a big big boy! Have fun!

  3. Saying an AVE for your husband....

  4. Deer in your yard...your home sounds like a beautiful place. We will say prayers for your husband's safety. God bless!

  5. 20 boys!!!! Oh my, Jessica, you are a Saint! I look forward to hearing about the "boy" party!!!

    Thanks for the reminder about Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    You are busy and living and loving life.

    Prayers for your husbands safety.

  6. Have a good week to. God bless you all.

  7. Jessica:

    I'm so glad you got to meet Sandra while in Nebraska! Isn't she a doll? Praying for the safety of your dear husband...

  8. Yes, Kimberly, she is. I really enjoyed meeting her!

    Thank you for the prayers!

  9. Thank you to everyone else as well. Next I think I need to ask for some prayers that I will be able to sleep. I can't believe I have yet to go to bed, and it is already morning. My kids will be up in a couple hours. I really don't sleep well when my hubby is gone... Or maybe it is the effects of that coffee ice cream I had for dessert. Hummmm.... I better go and try to sleep at least a little. Good night! :)

  10. That ice cream sounds amazing! Coconut AND Coffee? One Christmas I found Coconut Coffee Beans that were superb, so I'd bet your ice cream was too!


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