Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Question...

I only have a few minutes right now, since my hubby will be home anytime (YEAH!!!!), and we will be having a couple families over to see some dear friends off to their new home, far far away... sniff.. sniff..

Anyhow, yesterday, as the kids and I were scrubbing the deck, I looked up at the birds nest that was built on one of our entryway columns during the Spring.

Isn't that such a cute place for a nest?

I have yet to see any birds flying to or from the nest, and started wondering if it had been abandoned.

I have never been much of an "outdoors" person, so I know very little about this sort of thing, which I plan to remedy this coming year with the help of a few great books.

So, I grabbed a chair and climbed up to see if there were any eggs inside the nest.

I couldn't quite get that high so I attempted lifting up my camera to see if that would help.

Not quite... After many tries, I finally got this shot:

It was the best I could get, but sure enough there are 3-4 eggs in there... Maybe more?

Should these have hatched yet? The momma bird wouldn't have abandoned the nest, and leave behind her eggs, would she have?

Anyhow, I just thought one of you out there reading this might be able to help us out. Anyone?\

While I am on the subject of birds... I just love this picture that my hubby took while we were back in Nebraska. Isn't it just too cute?

Well, I have to get off the computer and back to work. See you all soon!


  1. I can't tell what kind of eggs they are, but typically Mama stays until after they are hatched. BUT, Cowbirds will leave their eggs in other birds nests, so maybe that's what they are. I have all the books you mentioned, but you should definitely own Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock.

  2. Jessica, I don't know the answer to your question, but I have to say that I cannot wait to meet your dear friends. They are in my prayers as they move to their new home.

  3. I can't tell what kind of eggs they are either, try holding up a mirror and taking a picture of the image, maybe that will help.

    Sometimes birds will lay eggs twice...let's hope this time,huh?

    So glad your hubby will be home!!!!

  4. Just remember that with these CUTE little creatures comes lots of noise and LOTS OF POOH!!!! Your Uncle and I have been dealing with birds of all kinds for years because I thought the nests,eggs,and babies were SOOOO CUTE. Now we have several different kinds trying to nest all year long so we couldn't sleep with our doors open(they're early risers)and we had to wear shoes out on the deck(pooh EVERYWHERE)So now I stop them as soon as they get started on a new nest,before they lay eggs.Now we have cool nights and are barefooting once again!!! A.B.

  5. Sometimes the mother will abandon the eggs for a variety of reasons. I know it has happened when our own porch became too hot for her as she sat broody on top of the porch post.

  6. Hmmm, the bird might have been killed or some such sad thing... Keep a close eye on the nest and see if anyone comes. But after this long I would think there were not good chances for those eggs.
    BTW, the last two years birds have built a nest and laid egss in my MILs chimeny! When they hatch... oh my goodness! Hubby is going to make some sort of mesh thing to cover the opening, hopefully after they have flown away.

  7. I'd keep an eye on it and see if you see a bird there at night, etc. ☺

  8. Looks kind of like Starling eggs.


    If you dont see birds coming to and from the nest the eggs are probably dead. Take a pin and drain the stuff out of them and you can keep the nest and eggs for the kids to see.

  9. Sorry! No clue, but glad to hear that your husband is coming home safe and sound! God bless!

  10. Thank you all for your help!!!

    I have yet to see a momma bird... I'm thinking the nest has been abandoned...

    OH! Good idea, Jamie!! Why didn't I think of a mirror? My mind always jumps right to cameras! I held a mirror up today, and there is actually 5 eggs in the nest.

  11. Those baby birds are super cute!


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