Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Feast of St. James!

Today is the feast of St. James, who happens to be one of my boys patron saints, and a favorite in our home!

For some feast day recipes, head on over to Catholic Cuisine.  I posted a delicious looking recipe for Tartelettes de Saint-Jacques à la Mangue (which I am probably not going to be able to make, since we are heading to town for doctors appointments.)... However, for dessert, I will be making some Coupe Saint-Jacques and a Tarta de Santiago!

Do you have any special plans for today?

O Glorious Saint James, because of your fervor and generosity Jesus chose you to witness his glory on the Mount and his agony in the Garden. Obtain for us strength and consolation in the unending struggles of this life. Help us to follow Christ constantly and generously, to be victors over all our difficulties, and to receive the crown of glory in heaven. Amen.

St. James the Apostle ~ Pray for us!  


  1. I suppose St James is my Patron Saint, I've always considered St Peter Claver my patron saint, he's my birthday Saint. Although, I was named after my father, his name is James (Jim)

    I'm trying my best to stay on this diet so no sweets here...and I do not care for seafood, your posts were beautiful though, on Catholic Cuisine!

  2. Well, Jamie, you could always go with a Spanish theme, since St. James is the patron of Spain!

    Happy nameday!

  3. Guess what!? (It's María here, I posted you a couple of weeks ago), I'm going (again) on pilgrimage to Santiago next week, attached see some pictures of the journey and the Apostle that I took last year.

    ...and! I think I am going to Lisieux at the end of August with my best friend, be sure that I will remember you when I am there asking Teresa to give us all a hand in this world.

    By the way, I should introduce myself properly, my name is María, as you already know, I am Spanish, 32 years old, and I am an English teacher, so it is good to read you from time to time to refresh my English. If you ever need some Spanish lessons for you or your children... I'll be more than happy to help.

    Lots of love and God Bless you all!


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