Friday, July 18, 2008

The First Mass and First Holy Communion

On the morning of May 31st, the day following the Ordination, Father said his very First Mass and our oldest son made his First Confession, and received his First Holy Communion.

It all took place at the beautiful Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, in Valparaiso, Nebraska.

It was a very special day.

Here are some photos that were given to us by Father:

Isn't it such a beautiful chapel?!
The sermon was so inspiring!

The Consecration

First Holy Communions for two of Father's Godchildren.
They are also the oldest Grandson and Granddaughter in the family.

Communion for Family Members

Giving a Blessing after Mass


Our oldest son, and First Communicant, who is growing up so fast!

We have been truly blessed!


  1. You have been truly blessed. Beautiful pictures!

  2. What a beautiful location. The chapel is gorgeous!

    When Jaedon took his first communion I cried! They do grow up too fast.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these pictures -- I can feel the emotion just looking at them!

  4. Oh Jessica, so beautiful! That picture of him kneeling is precious!
    You know the only time I ever recieved communion (if you can call it that, lol) kneeling was at the Episcopal church. Sad isn't it? It is so much more powerful that way.

  5. Wow! This is my favorite entry so far from your NE trip. This Carmelite chapel is so beautiful and peaceful. Sometimes, on my way to my Dad's house, I would stop in and pray there. It was so quiet in that chapel that you could hear yourself breathing. Ourdoors, the only thing you can hear is the wind blowing through the fields. I can't imagine the way you must've felt seeing your son receive Christ for the first time from your own brother-in-law, his godfather. Did you bring kleenex? ;) The pictures conveyed such reverence. What a beautiful day! Congratulations to your family!

  6. Aubrey ~

    You are so blessed to have the convent near by! How nice to be able to stop in to pray.

    No, I didn't have any Kleenex... I forgot to bring it! It would have come in handy a number of times. :)

    OH, and the Mass was so beautiful and reverent. It was just perfect.

    **Although** did you notice that we are missing our 2 babies at Communion time? I'll tell you all that story soon! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Amy ~ I so wish they would bring back the Communion Rails here, don't you? Father L tried, didn't he? I don't know WHY they would have ever removed them to begin with... Why would we want to be *less* reverent?

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments! God Bless!

  8. Yes you have been Jessica! Absolutely breath-taking pictures. thank you for sharing them :o)

  9. This was so beautiful Jessica! You must be so proud of everyone!!!
    Lil captain looked so handsome and reverent. The chapel is breath-taking...thanks for the pics :)

  10. That chapel was stunning! Great pictures--you all look so happy.

  11. You are truly blessed. This is wonderful.Such a delight.

  12. These pictures are so beauitful, Jessica. Congratulations!!!

  13. How exciting to see pictures of the big day. What a grand and glorious celebration it was.

  14. These photos are gorgeous! What a memorable and blessed experience. Heavenly.


  16. Oh, and for the record, the locals would say that the monastary is in Agnew, NE (that's that little tiny village with one intersection that you drove through when you left the paved highway)! It was an Irish settlement surrounded by Czechs in every direction. We Irish are quite proud of our little village even if it doesn't make the map anymore and the parish consolidated with Val years ago!! It was St. Joseph & Val was St. Mary's so the new parish in Val is Sts. Mary & Joseph where I grew up & received all my sacraments (excepting confirmation which was at the parish near my Catholic elementary)!

  17. One last thought - if only the monastery was built before I moved away to TX! :(

  18. Hello Jessica,

    I stop by today and I click this post.I found the Holy mass pictures.The real Holy Catholic Mass.
    I live where historic and amazing cathedral may exist, million of catholic parish churches you can find but only one thing it is hard to find in Italy ..THE HOLY CATHOLIC MASS'.
    me and family need to drive 80 km away once a week to get the holy mass on Sunday and in a small chapel but sacred surely.
    tribulation but Thanks GOD 'HE ' guide us where to find the real one.

    blessing day always for whole family.

  19. I just came across this post while reading your archives! I love this. We have attended the FSSP parish in Kansas City for more than a decade and so we know... most of the priests pictured. :) Your children are so blessed to have such wonderful examples of the priesthood in your own family! Familiarity with great priests is one of the most important things that can help foster religious vocations, I think.!

  20. Three of your brother-in-laws are priests?! Wow, what a blessing! How many children are in your husband's family?

    1. Yes, it is such a blessing! There are five children in my husband's family. Their oldest (and only) sister is married with six children.


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