Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July!

We had such fun last week, that we rearranged our Thursday plans so we could continue attending:

Summer with the Saints

Marci once again, did an amazing job, and my children had a WONDERFUL time.

Today the theme was Christmas in July!

When we arrived, Marci had a number of tables set up with different activities for the children.

At one table they were able to color pictures of St. Nicholas.

At another table they could make and decorate holy cards of St. Nicholas.

My children especially loved being able to work with glitter, since I rarely (as in never) get it out at our home. ☺

They even got to make some super cute St. Nicholas Figures.

(Do you recognize the totally cute and pregnant lady in the background?)

After all the crafts and coloring were completed, Marci had a fun game planned for the children called Roll for St. Nicholas! The winners were even able to choose from a basket of school supplies!

Following the game it was snack time and the kids were treated to Candy Cane Cookies and Hot Cocoa.


The weather even cooperated, and it was nice and cool this morning!

This week there was a total of 25 children from 6 different families. It was so nice to see Amy, and I have been loving spending time with Trina this month. I am going to miss her so much when she and her family head back home next week. Wahhhh!

It was another great week and we are, once again, already looking forward to next Thursday!!!


  1. What!??! are all you women born with capes out there or what!? SuperPowers: Un-limited creativity *AND* able to make more time in the day!
    Sheesh! Give me some of that!

  2. Totally cute and pregnant? You are a good friend!!! (((hugs)))
    It was a blast and Marci did it all. She is amazing! I went home totally in awe of her.

  3. What fun is all of this!!! Wow! Maybe if we all design our FUN six months ahead within the liturgical year, we'll all be so organized and ready for any feast day, name day, or other special delight. Hats off ladies, great idea! Can we come?

  4. I love the Christmas in July Idea! I think I may incorporate this into something for my family this year! Thanks for another great idea!!


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