Friday, June 20, 2008

What happened to Weight on Wednesday??

It looks like the Weight on Wednesday group pretty much fell apart while I was out of town... That's why I didn't give you my weight gain/loss on Wednesday.

So, since some of you have asked how my diet went while traveling, I thought I would give you an update anyways.

It was really hard to eat well PERIOD while traveling, let alone stick to my diet, but overall I did pretty well, considering. I decided to just try and avoid the items that I am either severe or moderately intolerant to, and not worry about the mild category. This opened up quite a few foods that I could eat.

I found that it was much easier to pick up something at the grocery store for myself, versus eating out, and so I did that quite often.

However, I still gained... But only 3 pounds during those 3 weeks, so I am not that upset about it. I'll lose it now that I am home again, and not sitting in the car so much--just at the computer! ;)

I actually deserve those 3 pounds, since I totally cheated a few times.

On the drive out we stopped at a Starbucks, and trying to follow my diet, I ordered a Sugar-Free Hazelnut Soy Latte. It was disgusting! Not to mention, it cost a small fortune... So our next coffee stop on the way home after dealing with the flu, I splurged and had a Venti White Chocolate Mocha. It was delicious! (Though I didn't feel too good afterwards.)

Also, when we were in Stockton/Lodi, CA on the last day, before leaving town, I talked my hubby into stopping by Cottage Bakery. I have very fond memories of this certain bakery from my childhood, and was so excited to hear that they were still in business, though they had moved locations.

One particular memory includes my Grandmother showing up, while my mom was in labor with my sister Jamie, with Coffee Cake and Sparkling Apple Cider, and we had a little celebration as soon as Jamie was born. (My mom had mostly home births.) Oh, how I miss my Grandma! She passed away at the young age of 61 when I was only 12. I was her oldest grandchild, and we were very close.

I ended up buying a few different Coffee Cakes, some Dutch Crunch Rolls, and a dozen pastries. Oh, and a couple more mocha's too, one for hubby and one for me! I am sure all 3 pounds are a result of this one particular stop.

As we were driving home that day, I complained that I was hungry and reached for another pastry, and hubby said, "there's still some more grapes..." I replied, "Oh, that's alright, I can't have grapes..." We both started laughing at the irony of it all, as I sat there eating a cream filled pastry. :)

So there you have it... My WoW update for the last month.

Here is my summary:
  • Weeks thirteen to sixteen: +3 pounds (though I have already lost a pound since Wed.)
  • Total lost in WoW: -5 pounds
Goals for this week:
  • Go to the grocery store today, and get back on my diet!
  • Oh... and pick up some more Coconut Bliss!

I would send you over to Regina's to see everyone else's results, but she hasn't posted this week... Sorry!


  1. well you were gone, michelle is gone moving, michelle my sis in law doesnt want to do it anymore, kimberly stopped checking in-not sure why- so laura was the only one doing it and i felt dumb listing her 7000 lb weight loss and my 7000 lb weight gain so it is on a bit of a hiatus....not done for good, just a little break

  2. Wow such control. I'm impressed. I didn't do that good on my Europe trip! But, I'm trying to work it off now.

  3. You did super!! I love your story about your grandma, what a wonderful memory, I'm glad you were able to stop there and share that with your family!

    Last summer when I was doing the Weight Watcher diet with Sarah, I ate at Applebees and had their WW was nasty!!! I love salads, so I thought that it would be great...wrong!

    Some things just can't be replaced by something "diet".


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