Monday, June 30, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June 30th


Outside my Window... it's partly cloudy (or is that smoke?) and cool for the moment. The deer are running around like crazy on our back hill, and my window is open, so I can hear all the birds chirping! We are expecting some more thunderstorms this afternoon, which is fine, as long as they leave my power alone this time, and don't start any fires--at least here! :)

I am thinking...about how much work it is to have a yard sale!! We had our first one ever on Saturday, and even though we live a little ways from town, we still had some people show up, even though the "city people" took down most of our signs... Now why would they do that?!

I am thankful for... the fact that Regina is moving. Do you know that she actually had the nerve to go through the pictures on my camera and delete all the ones I took of her? Argh!!

Actually, I am still really going to miss her and her family... Regina, you guys CAN'T move!!!! :(

From the kitchen... lots of leftover brownies and cookies from the boys snack and drink stand that they set up at our yard sale.

I am creating... or trying to create a plan for this coming school year.

I am take the boys to their swimming lessons this morning.

I am jammies. (I really should be getting ready to go!)

I am reading... Education Is. The free E-book that Elizabeth Foss recommended! Then, I hope to catch up on all of Elizabeth's posts discussing the book.

**Oh! I just clicked over to Elizabeth's blog to get her link, and noticed her Daybook for today! She is actually reading the book I have been reading the last couple weeks!! I am so glad you are enjoying it Elizabeth! I have just about finished my copy, and love love love it!! Archbishop Fulton Sheen really has a way of writing that totally captures your attention. I am so glad that they are looking into his Cause for Beatification and Canonization! He was such a holy and inspiring man.

I am hoping.... to use my new ice cream maker to try and make my own Coconut Bliss. It is delicious, but way too expensive to buy often! So... I am going to make my own!

I am hearing...the wash machine spinning and my hubby getting ready to leave for work. All my kids are still sleeping!

Around the house...there is tons of laundry to get caught up on (The kids daily swimming lessons always make me fall way behind.). There is also lots of leftover yard sale items that need to be boxed up and donated.

One of my favorite getting together with friends! On Thursday we had these friends over to celebrate a special girls birthday! Then, yesterday, we were invited over to these friends home after Mass (along with these friends--who are visiting for the month!) and stayed all day... I hope we didn't overstay our welcome, but we had a great time, and got to meet our soon-to-be newest Goddaughter!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Swimming lessons Mon-Wed; Captain's Auditory Processing class Tues-Thurs; and then Mass & Benediction on Friday in addition to any and all errands that need to be done while in town. I also hope to get my house back in order... It sort of fell apart this weekend with everything we were doing. It looks like it might be another busy week!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing for you...

These little guys were running all over the place Saturday during our yard sale, and were just too cute! This picture was actually taken by my neighbor. Isn't it darling?

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  1. wow, youre thankful that i am moving huh? well, good riddance.
    and i cant believe you are going to have another GodDAUGHTER, especially since you told MY DAUGHTER NO!

  2. No... You will be missed Regina... A TON!!!!!

    As for saying no... I NEVER SAID THAT!

    What I said was, "You don't really want to have us!" (This is me looking for those words of assurment that I sometimes need.), and instead of saying, "Sure we do!" you took that as a no. :( (You know how bad I am at communicating!)

    At least we got to be proxy Godparents!

    Sniffle... sniffle...

  3. I have a picture of Regina. I will email it to you. Ha ha ha.

  4. Thank you for this little peek into your life through your daybook! I smiled as I read your thoughts. We also have 3 boys and 2 girls. Such a sweet, challenging job!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one sitting at the computer in my jammies! :)

    How's Snuggles doing?

  6. Those racoons are so cute! I'd be in trouble cause I tend to want to feed them and, well, then they want to stay! :)

  7. Snuggles is doing better! In fact he gained a whole pound in just 4 days!! He still is not completely better, but his diarrhea (that lasted a whole month is almost gone.) and the lab tests that were done on it, all came back Negative! He is still below 0% for his weight, and the doctor is going to consider running more tests if this doesn't improve by his next well baby check up in 2 weeks. THANK YOU ALL for the prayers and concern!! God Bless!!!

  8. I was glad to read your daybook! That's a good idea.

  9. Raccoons are cute but very naughty. I love to feed my birds and they eat all my seed!

    PJ's are a must in the morning at the computer.

    Do you drink coffee?


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