Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Natural History Museum

On the second day of our drive to Nebraska we were able to get on the road bright and early! We started in Nevada, had breakfast in the car, and spent the morning driving through the Great Salt Lake Desert of Utah.

However, I misread the map assuming there was one last town before that vast area of nothing. Convincing hubby that the town was near, we darn near ran out of gas. During this surreal moment along the salt flats, we noticed a neatly dressed man on the shoulder of the freeway determinedly hauling his luggage behind him. Fortunately, we made it, all 70 miles, to the next gas station. After hubby finally exhaled, we stopped to pick up coffee and lunch (for later) at Starbucks/Safeway just before crossing over the border into Wyoming.

We planned to stop for a lunch break at the Natural History Museum of Western Wyoming College. My children's pediatrician use to live in Omaha, Nebraska, so he told me the couple worthwhile places to stop along the drive: The Museum and Cabela's!

The Natural History Museum of Western Wyoming College specializes in prehistoric specimens like life-size dinosaur replicas, fossils and artifacts, all gathered from various sites in Southwestern Wyoming. To prepare for all the dinosaur excitement we spent the morning listening to tons of dinosaur songs!

The boys had been excited ever since hearing their doctor tell me about the museum!

It was actually really cool and since it was a Sunday afternoon, we were pretty much the only people at the museum.

It was really dark inside, so my pictures didn't turn out very well at all... This was a consistent problem on our trip, but here are a few photos anyways:

The College also had an exhibit of exotic animals:

Chiquita wasn't sure what to think of it all, especially the lion:

We then ate our lunch in the Tyrannosaurus Cafe:

And then got back on the road heading to Laramie, Wyoming for the night.

The weather in Laramie wasn't that great, but, thankfully, it was much better than a couple nights prior!


  1. Yous kids are just so darn cute. Looks like so much fun!!!

  2. COOL!!!! How did they feel about seeing bambi's daddy stuffed? :} You know who

  3. You Do have the CUTEST kids!!!

    Your trip sounds SO wonderful!!

    How did your special diet go?

  4. Omgsh! Such good picturesss!!
    That museum looks awesome!
    And i love the picture of you with the kids :)
    Too bad they didnt know then, what they where in for the next couple And you for that matter. :P haha

  5. Wow...felt like I was there with you. Thanks for the photos. I second Jamie...those kiddos are cutie-pies!

    The last picture was my favorite with all the kids running. JOY!

  6. LOVE the one of you and your kiddos.

    I think I went to that museum with Grandpa and Grandma when I was younger. We went on a motorhome trip with them to Yellowstone and I think we stopped there on the way. Maybe I will take my kids one of these years.

  7. Wow! Can't wait for the next installment!

  8. am i the only one curious about a well dressed, luggage carrying, side of the road, middle of nowhere guy?

  9. Regina--I, too, paused while reading about the luggage guy. Maybe he just ran out of gas and didn't want his suitcases stolen out of his vehicle. Oh, or maybe he girlfriend kicked him to the curb.

    Jessica, you got some GREAT pictures there! So, so cute of you and the kiddos.


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