Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day 2008

A very Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, my own father, my father-in-law, both of my grandfathers, my godfather, and to the godfathers of my children! May God Bless you all today, and grant you the strength and grace to lead your children to Heaven.

Also, Happy Father's Day to all the "Uncle Fathers" (as our children call them) in our family, as well as to all priests--our spiritual fathers!

As Father Corapi said, "Remember your priests, who are truly fathers in the spiritual sense. They too have expended a lot of “blood, sweat, and tears” trying to insure the well-being of their spiritual children. Without the priest there is no forgiveness through the sacrament of Reconciliation. Without the priest there is no strengthening through the sacrament of Confirmation. Without the priest there is no Anointing of the Sick. Most of all, no priest / no Eucharist—the Source, Center, and Summit of the Church’s life. Let’s pray for our fathers, both biological and spiritual, this Fathers’ Day, and every day. We need them, and they need us."

Prayer to Saint Joseph for Fathers

Saint Joseph, guardian of Jesus and chaste husband of Mary, you passed your life in loving fulfillment of duty. You supported the holy family of Nazareth with the work of your hands. Kindly protect those who trustingly come to you. You know their aspirations, their hardships, their hopes. They look to you because they know you will understand and protect them. You too knew trial, labor and weariness. But amid the worries of material life, your soul was full of deep peace and sang out in true joy through intimacy with God's Son entrusted to you and with Mary, his tender Mother. Assure those you protect that they do not labor alone. Teach them to find Jesus near them and to watch over Him faithfully as you have done. Amen.


  1. Welcome back. We here at blogger land missed you also.

    Great pic. of your husband and kiddos.

    I agree with you ...there is no place like home!

  2. Cute picture of your husband and kids!

    Tell my favorite brother-in-law happy fathers day late for
    And I LOVE that picture of him with the kids....AW why are they all sooo dang cute!!


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