Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WoW ~ Week 10

Well... I got on the scale this morning and said, "That's it... I quit!!!"

I was UP another 1.5 pounds, which makes for an overall gain of 2 pounds in the last 3 weeks, and a grand total of a whopping THREE POUNDS LOST in the last TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!!!

Yep... I was seriously ready to quit... and depressed about it too! In fact, I even left Regina a comment letting her know that I was quiting. :) That comment inspired Michelle, who is doing awesome, to pay me a visit and leave me a comment on last weeks post. She said:
I just saw your post over at Regina's blog. Don't quit! If you had a setback, you can recover. If it's tough because of nursing, I'm with you. And recovering from baby #6 is just simply harder, too, let me tell you. You've been doing fine. You can keep it up. Just have patience, honey.
Thank you Michelle, I needed to hear that. And, I wasn't really going to quit! I just haven't taken any CraveArrest since Friday -- and it is catching up with me. It really does help control not only my cravings, but my mood swings as well... To top it off, it hasn't been the easiest week to be dieting... I traveled out of state, was slightly stressed about losing my cameras, and definitely drank way too many Venti White Chocolate Mochas in an attempt to calm my nerves! YIKES!!! 630 calories each!! I'm lucky I didn't gain even more.. I guess I should have checked the calorie content, before ordering them each day of my trip. Oh! And that bag of Moose Munch didn't help either, I sure! What is it about traveling that makes one feel like it is ok to eat junk? I have to cut that out!!!

OK... Enough excuses. I have another trip coming up in two weeks, so I will start over tomorrow right now! I would love to be able to lose at least 5 pounds (of my 20 pound goal). Wish me luck!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help ~ Pray for me!!


  1. It is nursing. I always have a harder time while nursing. Most people I know don't believe me, but it's true. Sarah is the same way. I quit in January and have stayed the same, but I'm not exercising, once I start, I know it will get easier!

    Hang in there, it was a tough week, it IS hard to stay on a diet while traveling. It is fun to eat junk while traveling, why? On the way home from the cities a few weeks ago, I stopped and in an attempt to get something kind of healthy, I got yogurt covered pretzels...I never eat pretzels, or snack like that!! I ate quite a few and felt guilty afterward!

    Really you are doing great!

    I'm glad this cake we are making this weekend is white, if it were chocolate, I'd be very tempted!

  2. I'm glad to see you back on the wagon!

    In 4 weeks, we begin the process of moving: packers coming, furniture loaded up and gone, the homeless life for a week, then the nightmare of unpacking. This means about a month of convenience food, eating out, and eating junk. I don't know how I'm going to survive!

    I have 16 pounds to get to my prepregnancy weight, 26 to get to my pre-kids weight, and 36 to get to my ideal weight. At my average of 1 pound per week, it will take FOREVER. Or, like last time, I'll be pregnant again...

    I love my kids. I keep reminding myself that I had big hips before they were born and it's not their fault!

  3. Well I've been exercising regularly and I am up 4 pounds so don't feel bad...

  4. Why does it get harder and harder to get off?

    I did so bad on our trip too, and I didn't even feel guilty about it until I got home and stepped on the scale.



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