Monday, May 19, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook~May 19th


Outside my Window... it's a bright bright bright bright sun shiny day! It's only suppose to hit 92 degrees today! 102 was way too hot last week...

I am thinking...about how great it will be to see all my in-laws next week, and how nice it will be for Snuggles to meet his Grandparents!

I am thankful for...that great stimulus check that just arrived! How cool is that!?!

From the kitchen...Kasha, topped with rice milk and real maple syrup, and juicy watermelon. I love watermelon! (I'm still working on figuring out how to adjust to my new diet...)

I am activity/coloring book for each of our kids to do on our upcoming trip, with information on the various states (all 11 of them!) that we will be traveling to/or through.

I am be getting my teeth cleaned this afternoon, and then run a few errands, to make the most of the trip to town. Do you think they will mind that I have to bring all 5 kids with me?? This will be interesting.

I am wearing...outfit number 1 (I took Outfit 3 and the skirt from Outfit 4 back.), barefoot for now, with some silver bangle bracelets and silver hoop earrings.

I am reading...Karol from Poland, John Paul II, Pascual and the Kitchen Angels, and lots of First Communion books to the kids.

I am hoping...for a productive week. It is proving to be very challenging packing for 5 children!

I am hearing...the sounds of crayons bouncing on the table, and children talking as they color a picture of Pope John Paul II. (His birthday was yesterday!)

Around the house...three loads of laundry to wash and hang dry, winter clothing, coats and snow boots to pack away and size 12-18 clothes to pull out for Snuggles.

One of my favorite playing peek-a-boo with Snuggles. He has such a cute laugh!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...schedule swimming lessons for this summer, help Captain work on his First Communion Notebook, meet with Mrs. K Tue, Wed & Thurs so she can work with Captian,
work on catching up my Aunt's bookkeeping (I'm SO behind!), load our audio books and music onto my iPod, and practice taking pictures with my new camera!

Here is a picture thought (or 2) I am sharing for you...

These were both taken from my kitchen door. I have been playing with my new lens, and need to get use to it... The are slightly blurry, and the color could be better...

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  1. Im finding so many wonderful new blogs through this daybook thing! I have enrolled my son is swim lessons too. He only has one more level after this and then we're done.

    OH and dont you just love real maple syrup?

    And goodness you're reading a lot of books lady! LOL

  2. 11 states! Are you camping? Or do you stay at relatives or motels?

    Have a wonderful and fun trip.

    Just keep the packing simple. Make it fun!

  3. Oh, you are sooo busy this week! How are you going to take all the kids to the dentist with you? I would be a nervous wreck! Though maybe your kids are better behaved then

    I love the pics, you are so blessed to be that close to nature :) We are just cram-packed into this neighborhood!

    Happy packing!

  4. Mrs. Darling -- Thanks for visiting!! Yes, I do love real maple syrup. It's actually the only syrup I love! :) As for the books, my kids just love to be read to, so we shoot for a few a day, at least!

    Christine - No, we are not going to attempt camping... We will be staying at various hotels, and at my in-laws. It WILL be fun!! I am looking forward to it... Now, if I could just get my hands on a laptop! ;)

    Michele - My kids can be very well behaved. The receptionist, said "No problem, your kids are little angels!" (Little does she know!!!) However, thankfully my mom came through at the last minute and took Captain, Rascal and Chiquita... SO I ended up only showing up with Twinkle Toes and Snuggles. It wasn't bad at all. At the very end, Snuggles started fussing, but the receptionist picked him up, and then said, "Oh my goodness! He is such a smuggler!" I would have to agree! ;)

  5. Your going to have a baby when you get home(pic #1)! :)

  6. I don't get that baby comment?

    I like your daybook thing...I have seen this on other blogs lately, but don't think I can keep up!! I'm not good at that!

    I love the picture thoughts! Do you garden? If so, do you have a deer fence? Do deer eat tomatoes?

    Just curious!
    I am so excited for you and your trip!! It will be wonderful!

    Tracy at Pinewood Castle had excellant tips for traveling with probably already know that though!

  7. Anonymous -- yes, we did think that she was pregnant! Hubby thought maybe she was getting ready to deliver. We haven't seen the baby yet!

    Jamie -- no, I don't garden. I would definitely need a deer fence. They eat EVERYTHING! Even things they are "not suppose" to eat!

    Oh, and I meant Snuggler not smuggler :) oops! It was too late for me to be online last night! I wonder what else I misspelled! :)

  8. I still cannot believe all the work you put into your blog! You do such great, thorough posts! Hope you have a lot of fun! love ya


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