Thursday, May 8, 2008

On Modesty

I just read a wonderful article written by Mary Ellen on modesty:

"Spring is such a wonderful time of year. May is the month of Mary, mothers and lately, I’ve noticed, immodesty.

A few weeks ago at church I found myself sitting behind a beautiful young lady who was dressed in pajama pants and a spaghetti strapped top that did not meet the top of her pants. She spent the entire Mass slouched in the pew picking her fingernails. Her long, fake fingernails. In spite of how annoying this was, I wasn’t really upset with the girl. It was her mother I had the issue with."

Read the rest here. Well said, Mary Ellen!! Thank you!


  1. I am going to read the post after I leave you a comment!

    I have just been thinking about modesty too!!! I just bought my little Ballerina Rosie some Summer clothes and she is out of the 2-5 size now and into 6x, which means big girl section, which means lots of immodesty!! I was shocked, I had a hard time finding shorts that were not too short, and swimsuits!! That is another story! The only one piece ones I found were totally backless, except a little piece of material covering the bottom!!! (this was at Wal-mart)

    I don't do 2 piece for my littles, I don't even think it's cute.

  2. Hi Jamie!

    I am not looking forward to my girls outgrowing the toddler sizes. I am wanting to learn how to sew, just for that purpose!

    My girls wear mostly dresses, with bike shorts/or leggings underneath, and they each have a couple pairs of capris or bermuda shorts (which hit the knee or longer) I don't put regular shorts on them, since I believe they should be covered to at least the knee.

    As far as swim suits go, I have been very happy that rash guards are becoming more and more popular, and therefore easy to come by. I LOVE THEM, and they are very modest. My boys wear a rash guard with their swim shorts, and my girls wear board shorts/or swim skort with a rash guard over their one pieces, most of the time. It has been working out very well, and is quite modest.

  3. As Jessica mentioned, rash guards are a good option. If you want "regular" swimsuits, Costco sells one pieces with back coverage at a good price.

    Options for modest girl's clothes (dresses, too) include:
    Sewing your own;
    Lands End (sale prices);
    LLBean (sale prices);
    JCPenney (sales);
    Hannah Anderson (this is listed with hesitation as they used to and may still donate to Planned Parenthood);
    and as Jessica saw my youngest daughter do, wearing your little brother's jeans ~ they make perfect capris. :)
    I have found modest capris and shirts at Target. Bonnie Jean dresses are usually modest.
    It is definitely hard to find modest clothes for girls, but it is possible.

  4. Great list Christine! Those are a few of my favorites.

    That was so cute seeing your daughter in your sons jeans! :)

    I tend to by most of my girls clothes at Gymboree, since they have super cute dresses, and we have a store locally so I can shop their clearance racks. (I usually by at 60% of more off--NEVER retail.) However, I have started noticing the clothing for the little girls getting worse and worse, and the summer lines are almost completely inappropriate.

  5. This is terrific and timely! I'm g oing to link to it on my blog too because it reminds me of the phrase....WHAT WOULD MARY WEAR?

    Should fit in nicely with the SOMETHING ABOUT MARY carnival, thanks Jessica!

    Have you noticed how hard it is to find even toddler dress that cover the shoulders? Is it aimed at making us purchase more...sweaters to cover our little darlings in church...or is it something worse?

  6. I think along the same lines as her.

    My daughter has a one piece swimsuit.

    She wears long dresses.

    We dress up for church. Not always perfect. Yup...sometimes jeans.

    My husband never wears jeans. I do though. I can be a very lazy mom.

  7. Yes! I went and read the article and I applaud Mary Ellen, for what she says is so very true. It breaks my heart to see children exploited this way and it causes an occasion of sin for me as I want to beat knots on the parents head!!

    A great post!


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