Saturday, May 10, 2008

Making Music

Even though we haven't been putting enough focus on music... Classical music to be exact... It doesn't mean that my children don't love music!! In fact, who needs instruments when you have: 3 stick horses, 1 stuffed football, 2 rolling pins and your big brothers belt.

Here they are:

(To turn music on, click audio button which is next to the play button.)

And since they insisted:

(I'm still having trouble uploading videos... I can't figure it out!! Sorry for the low quality! I also couldn't figure out how to prevent them from playing automatically... :S)


  1. So cute! Can I book your band for my daughters birthday party! lol

    Great memories you guys made that day:)

  2. It brought back wonderful memories from my childhood. Thanks. By the way, I loved the Woody Guthrie number.

  3. Pretty awesome lip syncing going on! :)

    How fun!

  4. Having siblings just makes everything more fun.

    My friends have 8 kids in their families and they all played instruments and actually played in a band. They played polka music!

    The bride on her wedding day played the drums for a couple of the songs!

    Fun memories times.

  5. awww how cute! i should bring my guitar next time i see you guys and seranade them. :) hopefully i'll know a few songs by then

  6. We are music lovers in our house too!

    On loading videos...I don't use a service. In the post window, I click the load video button and find the video on my computer and it uploads it for it. Sometimes it takes awhile. I have to just wait till it's all done. Hope that helps!

  7. LOVE IT!!! A.B.


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