Friday, May 9, 2008

A First Holy Communion Fair

We have decided to start a series of Fairs over at Catholic Cuisine titled From Thy Bounty. The theme for our very first fair will be First Holy Communions. It will be taking place on May 15th. We would like to invite everyone participate. So, if you have something to share in regards to First Communion Foods, Feasts and Celebrations, please click here for more details!

Speaking of First Communions, Captain will be receiving his on May 31st, at his Uncle/Godfather's First Mass! (Hubby's brother will be ordained on May 30th.) We are all very excited, and finalizing preparations.

This past Sunday our local Pastor tested Captain, since he has learned his catechism at home and has not attended our parish's classes. As a mother, I was so nervous for him. He tends to be very shy, and I was unsure of just what Father would ask him. Well, he passed with flying colors!!! I am so proud of him.

Father started the test by asking him: What is a Sacrament? Captain responded by saying, "A Sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace." Good job Captain! Gotta love the Baltimore Catechism!

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  1. I know that nervousness. My eldest son was interviewed by our pastor back in December. Our pastor was very impressed with his knowledge and took the time to congratulate me for the time that I had taken to prepare him. It was nice to receive encouragement from a priest. We will keep Captain in our prayers and pray for a safe journey for you and your family.


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