Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Loss...

Well, today Princess passed away. Twinkle Toes was not near as sad as Captain had been (and still is!). She responded with an "Aaahhh! Poor Princess!" and went back to her coloring.

I had noticed that Princess was not doing so well last night... She kept hiding in the plant for some reason, and sometime during the night she died. Rascal was quickly reminded of how he had wanted to rename his fish "Bully," so I immediately removed Princess from the tank, and she is awaiting her burial.

Speaking of burials... Last week I was talking to the kids about how some saints are incorrupt.

Here is a brief conversation that took place the following day:
Captain: "Mom. Rascal wanted to see if Mr. Peter Nemo was incorrupt, but he couldn't find him!"

Me: "WHAT!"

Captain: "Yeah, he looked everywhere and couldn't find him in the dirt."

Me--thinking to myself: "I THOUGHT the spot look torn up... Was that Rascal, or did the neighbor's CAT get him?? HOW do I respond to this?"

Me -- out loud: "He is probably still there... You boys really shouldn't bother Mr. Peter Nemo, ok!?"
I wasn't sure HOW to respond! How would you have responded? The things boys think up... I mean, really, who would dig up a dead goldfish!?


  1. Any nice way of explaining he's not incorrupt and has corrupted?

    We just flushed ours down the toilet, took care of the digging up thing...

  2. I'm sure you've already done this, but it is a great time to explain how animals don't have souls that live forever. Is that too deep? My kids took it matter of factly.

  3. No, I don't think that there is a nice way. We did talk about the fact that animals don't have souls... And my hubby, who is much better at explaining these sorts of things, explained it a bit better, and they did take it rather matter of factly. These fish have sure given us much to talk about!

  4. oh my! Last fall, we buried our first ever snail. then, a little while after my boys dugged it up not knowing but only found its' snail shell.
    eiw! how gross! Boys will be boys!!!

  5. oh what a mom i am! i meant to say Hermit Crab!!! ahh!

  6. ='( this made me cry.
    lol jk, but it reminded my of the lizzards the boys used to burry (dead lizzards mind you) and then dig them back up...and the eggs I stole from the fridge determined to make them hatch...But you have to agree..children are so awsome in the way they value life so much...and then somtimes...not so much (^-^)

  7. Oh and Im determind to go see an inncorupt saint someday!

  8. You need to get hardy, boring goldfish. They are easy to keep. We had one that lived way too long! It was a relief when Dorothy kicked the bucket--I was so tired of cleaning that tank!

  9. Uh oh! Am I suppose to clean the tank??? Maybe that is the problem ;)


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