Sunday, April 13, 2008


My kids had a blast at my parents home yesterday. Usually my mom doesn't want us to come over when we are sick, but she really needed me to take some pictures of her cabinets to list on craigslist. (She is remodeling her kitchen. I'm so jealous! ;) Her old cabinets are 100x nicer than ours, but they just won't fit in our tiny kitchen...sniffle, sniffle...) It worked out well though. The kids got tons of fresh air, and my dad even helped me pick up a table that he got for us, along with some desks I just bought from their neighbor, for our school room.

YES... I am changing my school room again. Hubby said, "Geez! You are changing it once a month!" I know... It's just so hard to work with a mixture of hand-me-down furniture that isn't really that efficient and practical... Right now my hallway is lined with too much stuff that had to be moved out of the old furniture, so we could move it to the already too full garage to be dealt with later, and move the new furniture in. Why does simplifying cause so much extra work?

I also purchased a set of bookshelves, so as soon as I get them, and reassemble the room, I will post a picture for you to see. I'm very excited!

Anyhow, my sister took some pictures of my monkeys kids acting totally crazy cute. I love how she edited them... You can't even tell that Chiquita's nose was running or that in between Twinkle Toes nose and lips was horribly chapped. Here's one of my favorites:

Hop on over to her blog if you'd like to see the rest.


  1. You should post pictures of your school room! We all could post school room pictures, maybe it would help with ideas?

  2. "Why does simplifying cause so much extra work?" Good question!

    Now this Jamie isn't your sister Jamie right?!

  3. No, this is a different Jamie!! I wish I could talk my sister into blogging... Especially since they will be moving to Japan!!

  4. Jamie, I will try to post some new pictures soon! I would love to see everyone else's school rooms!!


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