Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WoW ~ Week 7

It has been just a crazy day, and I just realized that I forgot to post for WoW (Weight on Wednesday). I did check in over at Regina's this morning, but thought I would post here as well, now that all the kids are sleeping!

This week, by some small miracle, I am down another half pound... I seriously thought I would have to report a gain this week. My food choices were horrible... But then, I only ate half of that burger and fries my dad shared with me, and only half of that half gallon of ice cream that was just sitting in the freezer, and only half of that extra large pepperoni pizza that hubby brought home Sat night--he worked overtime and then came home with dinner and a movie for the 2 of us... It was so nice! But, see what I mean, I really should have gained!

I was sick last week, and I did move quite a bit of furniture around on Saturday and Monday, so that saved me! I better shape up this week though!

My goals for this next week:
  • Walk at least twice.
  • Head out to my parents to use their sauna again.
  • Schedule appointment for Allergy testing.
  • Start using SparkPeople again.
  • Week five progress: -0.5 pounds
  • Total lost in WoW: -5 pounds
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  1. Jessica,

    Good for you! I admire your dedication to losing unwanted pounds.

    I think the Food Allergy is a good thing to have done. We are also going that route. We recently have cut out all dairy.

    It has really helped me because I get bronchial infections often and have mild asthma. Cutting out dairy has helped clear out my lungs a bit.

    God Bless,



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