Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WoW ~ Week 9

Well... Up until yesterday I was doing good. Yesterday morning I was down 1.5 pounds... However, it looks like that big Italian dinner ruined it. The pasta was just too yummy! So, this morning I was only down a half a pound. I wasn't even able to lose the whole pound I gained next week. You would think that between eating healthy, and nursing a baby, it would be easier to lose weight! Oh well. I did have my blood drawn this morning, to be tested for allergies. I am very curious to see my results!!! I also really need to focus on exercising more--as in EVERY DAY! That was how I finally lost the weight the last time. There is just so much I would rather be doing... Like blogging for example! ;)

This weeks summary:

  • Week five progress: -0.5 pound
  • Total lost in WoW: -4.5 pounds
Goals for this week:
  • Make healthy food choices while traveling.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes on both Monday and Tuesday.
On a positive note... Those 4.5 pounds have made a difference!!! While we were in town this morning for Captain's Auditory Processing class we went to the mall. I wanted to see if I could find a new shirt. (You should have seen the looks on the employees faces when I wheeled the jogging stroller carrying 3 kids through the door, with 2 more hanging off the sides!) I ended up trying on a ton of cute clothes and found a few cute new tops, as well as a few new skirts!!! It is so nice to have real clothes fit again!! The strange thing is, my size is all over the place... Of the 4 skirts I brought home, one is a size 10 (which I am taking back since hubby doesn't like it), two are size 8, and one is a size 6 (it's my favorite!!!). All the same brand too! Isn't that weird? I'll have to take a couple pictures for you to see! :)

Anyhow, head over to Regina's to see everyone else's results.


  1. I don't want to burst your bubble, but I was never able to lose weight no matter how hard I tried until I stopped nursing. It drove me crazy! All of those tiny women who had to eat like horses so that they had enough nourishment for themselves and baby didn't help either. My body held onto every single bit of baby fat until the baby didn't need my body at all anymore. And then, once I wasn't nursing anymore, it was exercise, exercise, exercise!

    You are doing great and that weight gain from the pasta dinner might be the effects of sodium and water retention. Drink a lot of water today and you might see the weight gone tomorrow!

  2. I think you have way to much time on your hands! HA HA :}6:00am time to go!!!

  3. Thanks Matilda. I am one of those women too!! I so wish I could eat whatever and just drop the weight, but my body hangs on to every bit of what I eat.

    The only time I have been able to lose the weight (which would be another 18 pounds from where I am now) was when I got on the Herbalife diet, and exercised almost daily, using aerobics videos.

    The funny thing is, that I hit my goal on new years eve, and called my sister up to see if I could borrow some of her tiny jeans, and she brought them that night... THE NEXT MORNING I FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT!! Since that, I just haven't been as motivated to lose the weight! :)

  4. I prefer to shop for clothes alone but I applaud your efforts to get it done with everyone. ☺

  5. Well, it was either take them all, or not go at all. Hubby's schedule has been too full lately! They were really good though, and looking forward to getting pretzels and Orange Julius when I finished! ;)

  6. Hey Jessica, I am one of those women too who just can't lose weight while nursing. I remember after my daughter was born, exercising for about an hour just about each day for months and seeing NO results! Talk about losing motivation!
    But, since I have been seeing my Naturopathic Doctor, I have lost about 13 lbs in the past two months! Talk about gaining motivation!!! He said that your goal (to be realistic and healthy) should be to lose 1 lb. a week, and you will always lose the most when you first start out on your diet. So, with the diet he gave me, I have actually lost weight and am learning to eat really well. I feel sooooo much better now!
    So, I am just telling you this to help motivate you!
    By the way, you look great (from what I can tell from pictures) now.

  7. Jessica,

    I just saw your post over at Regina's blog. Don't quit! If you had a setback, you can recover. If it's tough because of nursing, I'm with you. And recovering from baby #6 is just simply harder, too, let me tell you.

    You've been doing fine. You can keep it up. Just have patience, honey.


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