Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Preparation for the Feast of St. George

Head on over to Catholic Cuisine for a few

Recipes for St. George

whose feast day is tomorrow!

Our cake is ready to be frosted, as soon as I make the frosting. Yum!! My boys are SO excited... they can't wait to slay the dragon!


  1. Oh, cool! We were planning on celebrating St. George, but is inspiring to see that someone is actually preparing in advance!

  2. Hi Jessica!
    I have been reading, just not commenting as much!!

    I am planning on making our cake tonight, Christine is coming for lunch tomorrow and we will slay the dragon then!

    Are you going to freeze the cake before cutting it? Are you using homemade frosting or canned? I got canned, but could do homemade! I am going to wing it on decorations, as we have lots of stuff around, hopefully, that will work!

    With no camera, I am a little sad, no one will see the cake, except us! The kids will love it!

    Have a great day!!

  3. I hadn't thought about freezing the cake first! That is a wonderful idea! I have the body cut, but I think I will freeze the other cake before cutting it. Thanks!! I have five 2 pound bags of Powdered Sugar in my cupboard (I kept buying more at Christmas--each time wondering if I had picked some up yet!! Then we got sick and I never used any of it!). So, I think I will be making it. Although, if I had a couple cans of ready made, I would definitely go that route!

    Doesn't Christine have a camera?? I'm sure she would bring it :) I'd love to see your dragon too!!

  4. I will bring it. I am lucky to go somewhere else to slay a dragon.


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