Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garden of the Good Shepherd ~ Week 4

Garden_detailMy kids are just loving celebrating the Fifty days of Easter with "The Garden of the Good Shepherd: A Sticker Calendar to Count the Fifty Days of Easter!" This past week, we didn't get to do all the activities that we planned, since the little ones & I were so sick, but what better week to give the kids "rain checks" than during the week that is based on "The Weather", right!?

This next weeks theme, starting today, is based on:

"The Wind and Sea Obey Him."

I added the bible versus to read, in case any of you would like to join in, but don't have the Garden of the Good Shepherd. Matilda and I put our brains together to try and come up with ideas for this week. Here us what we came up with:

The Boat : Read Matthew 8:23-27
  • Make an Origami Boat
  • Read Boats by Anne Rockwell
  • Make Banana Boats (Matilda suggested this, and my kids would love it! I picked up some bananas on the way home from Mass!)

The Mast: Read Ezekial 27:4-7
Since the Cross is the "Mast" of the Catholic Church, we will either:
  • Paint cross on the sail of a model boat with daddy
  • Make Bread Dough Crosses page 136 of Catholic Traditions

The Sail : Read Acts 27:33-44

The Net : Read Mark 1:16-20
  • Matilda recommended making one of these.
  • Make a Sea of Galilee Touch Picture from Little Saints Program.
Sea of Galilee Touch Picture

Need: Pattern #67, print this picture; brown construction paper background; cotton balls; sandpaper; aluminum foil; netted produce bag cut in a 6"x4" diamond; brown, dark blue, and light blue markers/crayons; glue stick; scissors.
  1. Color boat brown, sea and sky blue.
  2. stretch apart cotton balls and glue on clouds.
  3. Staple on netting over side of boat for fish net.
  4. Crumple aluminum foil and glue on as rocks.
  5. Glue on sand paper to make beach area.
  6. Mount onto brown background.
  7. Discuss and experiment with the sense of touch.

The Fishes :
Read John 21:4-8
  • Make a home for a Christian Fish. Crafty Catholic Kids page 93.
  • Buy a goldfish to have as our first ever pet!
  • Play Go Fish
  • Fish Snack: Need: Blue napkins, medicine cups, pretzels, gold fish crackers, peanut butter. Open up napkin and place fish in the middle. (The napkin is the ocean.) Have peanut butter in the cup. (This is the bait cup.) Use pretzels for fishing rods. Dip in bait (peanut butter) and catch a fish. Eat fish and bait. Keep fishing until all the fish are eaten.
  • Fish in the Sea Snack: Need: Italian bread or French bread, Cream cheese, Goldfish crackers, Blue food coloring, Slice bread. Mix blue food color and cream cheese. Spread cream cheese on bread. Put goldfish in the blue sea.

The Barbecue : Read John 21:9-14
  • Grill some fish out on the patio, of course!

The Leviathan : Read Psalm 104:24-30
  • Matilda's family will be heading to their awesome local aquarium... I wish we had one!!
  • We might possibly have calamari with/for dinner--I think Costco has a frozen calamari meal that we have tried and liked in the past.
  • We will also read the story St. George and the Dragon in preparation for the feast of St. George on April 23rd. Also, with the Feast of St. George coming up, DON'T MISS clicking on Matilda's links. She made a totally awesome dragon for her kids to slay last year! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! God Bless!


  1. Great ideas again!! I just ordered the St George book for only a couple dollars. We might try the dragon cake and have some friends over to slay him with sword knives!

  2. Great Jamie!! I found ours (its the hard cover edition) for a great deal too!!! My boys love it!

    I really want to try out the dragon cake too. I just don't have the best of luck with that sort of thing, so we will see :) Too bad you live so far away!

  3. Great plans Jessica!! You guys are gonna have so much fun!

    I am going to have to order that book too...I don't know If I would do well making that cake, but I could try and if it looks terrible...I could just say it was a slayed dragon!!! lol

  4. We are totally loving the readings too, and some fun activities you have come up with!!


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