Friday, April 18, 2008

Flowers to Cheer You Up!

Kathy from The Daily Grotto recently sent me these beautiful flowers. Thank you so much Kathy!! That was so sweet of you... I just LOVE getting flowers.

She said I must send them along to 2-3 other bloggers, so in friendship I send these beautiful flowers to:

Amy from Knit Together in Love
(Who recently found out that she is pregnant!! Congratulations!)

Christine from The Simple Life
(Who is celebrating a birthday!)

Eileen from Eileen on least I try!
(It's so tough when your hubby's out of town! Hang in there!)

Please pass the bouquet on to other bloggers.

I hope you ALL have a very Blessed Weekend!!


  1. Jessica, you are so sweet! Thank you! And thank you for all your thoughtful comments, too. I'm so glad I happened on your site, you're the best! :)


  2. Ahhh thank you Jessica!!!!

  3. Thank you Jessica. I have enjoyed getting to know you better and your blog and beautiful family. Thanks for your thoughtfulness...touched my heart.


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